The world as we know it feels on the verge of something huge, though whether that something will be good or bad no one is quite sure. 

Historically, we’re in a time of transition. Much as when a caterpillar disintegrates into a sludge called an “imaginal soup” out of which in time will emerge the butterfly. Unlike the butterfly, however, whether or not we will grow our wings is up to us. 

Each of us is an “imaginal cell” dwelling in the sludge of this chaotic moment, experiencing the intense discombobulation of lives no longer tethered to a world we thought we could depend on. From the state of our psyches to the state of our society, from the state of our earth to the state of our politics, an arc of decline is obvious. We will transform, or there is a very real chance that as a species – or at the very least, as a democracy - we will not make it.

But butterflies do emerge from the sludge, species that might otherwise face extinction do mutate and evolve, and wounds on our bodies and our souls do heal. Nature has an undeniable propensity to move in the direction of new life. Our task at this moment is to align with the forces of nature, to use our talents and exert our collective will in the service of a future that is nothing like the past but is infinitely better.

In the words of the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Come, my friends, ‘tis not too late to seek a newer world.”  In this newsletter I’ll present ideas and host practitioners – gleaned from everywhere I can find them – that to me are keys to transforming our reality. I welcome you, for ideas are strengthened when they are shared. And the first step in recreating our world is rethinking it. From philosophical ruminations to political activism, from the power of forgiveness to ideas for societal change, we can reconceive the world we live in. Through articles and podcasts and conversations with amazing people, I will highlight the miracles I see on the horizon. In the words of Arundhati Roy, “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” And so can I.

We are living at a time of brokenness, yes, but also a time of profound possibility. Fear of what’s happening would destroy us, but love of what’s possible will renew us. It is simply our choice. It will not be easy to restore the world, but with love we can do it. With love we can repair what’s been broken. With love we can transform.


Sometimes I’ll share a video or audio reflection in response to something happening in real time, while other posts will be regular essays. I’m hosting my new TRANSFORM podcast and Conversations with Marianne, as well as sharing articles by others that I think you might find as interesting as I do. One post might be spiritual, one might be political, one might be personal. Everything will be geared to providing ideas and actions that help transform our lives and the world around us.

Subscribers can leave comments on each piece, and I welcome the creative conversations to follow. I look forward to ways we’ll share with each other the kinds of ideas that propel all of us forward. For paid subscribers I’ll share additional bonus content as I feel moved, according to the larger conversations happening on the page and in the world. 


I started lecturing on A Course in Miracles in 1983, and since that time I have written 14 books (4 #1 NYTimes bestsellers), founded the non-profit organizations Project Angel Food and The Peace Alliance, worked extensively with people dealing with life-challenging illnesses and other critical situations, counseled hundreds of individuals and organizations, and been a political activist. In 2020 I ran for president of the United States.