People are ready to go deeper, be more truthful, and face challenges that confront us in more meaningful ways. We need to talk about causes and not just symptoms, face some inconvenient truths, and have more than prepackaged conversations among us. One question weaves through The Marianne Williamson Podcast - how did we get to where we are, and how can we change things now?

Freeing JesusListen now (41 min) | My conversation with theologian Diana Butler Bass
THE PRIVATIZATION OF EVERYTHINGListen now | How the private sector has crowded out the public good
Whole Brain LivingListen now (52 min) | Save your brain, save the world
Unions Rising: Amazon versus LaborListen now (73 min) | The miracle of Christian Smalls.
The Disunited States of AmericaListen now (48 min) | And what we need to do about it. A Conversation with Author Stephen Marche
On Dignity and the Digital WorldListen now (38 min) | A Conversation with Congressman Ro Khanna
Our Democracy in ChainsListen now | How did it happen, who did it, and why?
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