The legalization of bribery by unconstitutional precedents; '76 Valeo, '78 Bellotti, '10 Citizens United, '17 McDonnell, '23 Cruz; leads inevitably to that merger of State and corporate power that Mussolini called fascism. The MAGA Party, formerly Republicans, offers full-up fascism. And the DNC is offers no more opposition than the WWII Vichy's in France. Behind the kayfabe, Biden's actual record on Climate and his knee-jerk genocidal response to Gaza marks both as specicidal. Marianne, you are our only hope. But even if impossibly you win, you cannot succeed without restoring the Constitution that the Court, by the above and myriad other vile precedents, has shredded.

I define my platform by what Must be done rather by what Can be done. That every aspect of it is impossible, assures me that I am on the right track. I invite you to join me. 352-514-5467 Tom@TomWellsForCongress.com

–- Constitutional Reset 2024 ---

Supreme Court Crushing OUR Rights

Take Back the Court - A3S1:

Judges shall serve on good Behaviour

Ergo, shall be fired on bad Behaviour

Revoke False Precedents

-$s are not Speech nor Corps people-

That rot bred present fascism!

The Fix: Public Funding of Elections

$200 Voter Vouchers - Nothing Else!

DC will work for us & our children:

-Tackle Climate Chaos at Scale-

CO2e Tax $400/ton Funding UBI

-Market Forces Drive Solar/Wind

-Initial UBI ~$1,000/month

WWII Level Funding, Taxes, Effort

-42% GDP = 8T$/yr for 5 years

-95% Max TaxRate over 4M$/yr

-Gift Solar to US & Global South

Why? Gotta Save the Whole World

Make Friends, Not War

DC will pass: iM4A, Union Rights,

$25 Min Wage tied to productivity,

Free pre-K through University,...

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The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is unconstitutional because it is not an amendment, and yet it bypasses Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 of the Constitution, which gives Congress the power to create money. By giving this power to a private banking cartel, they have turned our currency creation into debt creation to the tune of almost $34 trillion, and yet our GDP is only $23 trillion. They literally loan us our own currency with interest, which we pay back with our income, and we need more debt to pay off the past debt. It's insane. We need a debtless currency like the colonies' Scrip, Lincoln's Greenbacks, and Kennedy's U.S. Treasury Notes.

They have also devalued our dollar via massive inflation over the past 110 years, and incomes have not kept up so everything is more expensive, especially buying a home. We don't deflate the currency because big corporations bribe our politicians with the current campaign and lobbying system for tax cuts. Reagan, Bush Sr., Trump, and the Republicans have cut the top tax brackets to big corporations, who then buy up the media, real estate, hard assets, and smaller companies. By not taxing big corporations to deflate the currency, this has created the massive inflation we have.

This also removed the incentive for big corporations to invest in their employees via higher salaries, health benefits, and pensions to reduce higher tax brackets, so the burden to take care of workers has fallen on the government, which is then attacked by the right as being "too socialist." They can't have it both ways, but they act like they can.

Reagan and Bush also got rid of the Fairness Doctrine, which required news to be balanced like a jury trial, so now the country is divided via a polarized court of public opinion. A democracy cannot stand without balanced and open information about what our politicians are doing and not doing.

Lastly, without a Universal Basic Income (UBI) as proposed by Thomas Paine, and most recently, Andrew Yang, we will never abolish poverty, and automation will continue to push people out of work. Unemployment has never been even close to zero. Even Richard Nixon proposed the Family Assistance Program, which would have give monthly checks to families. It passed the House but failed in the Senate. The UBI would unleash human innovation and creativity. It is the most untapped resource because so many people are living in survival mode.

We basically need a new Bill of Rights.

Without addressing and fixing these core issues, then we are just putting lipstick on a pig, and rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

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Nothing is predictable. So one must support what's in one's heart about what's truly right for America. Marianne Williamson is the only candidate for president who truly teaches others about her policies, about our democracy's history, and the values that would uplift Americans--not just for a smaller percentage of our population who think their lives are going well: so why worry? They need to realize that if we fall down they will eventually fall down with us too since all our lives are interdependent and when we forget that we are doomed to fail. So as history shows, it's up to the people--each and every one of us--to show up in order to create the visionary change we desire!

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PS Your purpose is to bring the light of consciousness into one of the darkest spots( politics).

And fighting unconsciousness ( resisting) is not necessary. From my experience is it is very easy to drop your state when engaged in fighting- resisting it . The media is toxic it spreads fear( unconsciousness) and propaganda so please be wary of media memes , of jumping on the "man made global warming" that media spread for its " carbon zero" carbon industry -trading purpose$ .

Keep spreading the light in the dark Marianne( and forgive them for their unkind words as they know not what they say) .

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Dec 16, 2023·edited Dec 16, 2023

"What you resist persists" is a fact.

Many confuse the meaning think it means " dont do anything when things are SNAFU'ED" .

It means you see what is manifesting ( knowing it is not Reality)from the collective unconscious and see thats what it is, you do not resist it, as it is.

What we dont like and wish to change is human unconsciousness.

After witnessing the " crazy of the world" You go within without resistance to what is ( with non judgement and forgiveness in heart)and are guided by the will of God( this is always right action)

The only responsibility you have is to monitor your own inner state.

Peace and love

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Following from New Zealand - this concerns the whole world. Supporting your candidacy in my thoughts and prayers

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You are such an inspiration for all of us ♥️

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I am a Canadian citizen and would love to see you run as candidate for the Democrats. The U.S. is falling apart and desperately needs your wisdom to lead them on a new path. The light in me sees the light in you. Namaste.

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Fantastic Marianne. I am sharing this one with everyone I can.

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Well said! We need someone with vision, integrity, civility. That's you! You can lead us - our country - out of the mire. And I'm behind you 100%.

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Marianne - we need your clear and precise vision right now. I completly agree that the present situation with regard to the

media position is appalling. I'd like to see Propublica dig into what has cemented their position so solidly. We've never needed the freedom of "none of the above" more now. Please hang in there, it's likely to get more difficult as your subypport increases. You are what we need now!

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Wow Marrying thank you SO much for replying

it’s like heaven God speak !( you can see I admire you greatly

in America you are very much a bright spark ( or nascent )flame there

Can I ask did you have ( Please please Do) a listen to some of his recent talks

I come from the medical side and he absolutely speak to the truth of corporate capture, consumer /pharma complex .

He is the ONLY politician Speakibg to the folks I care very much about ( HUGE constituency) that being Those with vaccine injury

I am impressed that he is brave enough to face up to the corporate fraud ( and the governmental fraudsters )

Unforgivably the Democrats have simply enabled to the unfolding nightmare we deal with daily

I can’t see them changing ( even in your safe capable hands )

we are dealing with and the illegality and amorality of (non)-spiritual nature in happened in America

and spreed around the world from there

I amSURE he has evolved his position from when you were directly in contact

Maybe you could ask him directly what his position is

I I don’t see him being as narrow minded ( right wing) in the least I’ve been really impressed by the support he’s given the underdog most particular the vaccine injured and doctors silenced or fired for standing up for the Hippocratic Oath

His solo voice he’s provided particularly impressive given how politically polarised such a simple medical topic has become in your country

hence the independence of an independent candidate candidate to be phenomenal!

The Democrats , much as I previously really support of them have let your population down in an ironically antidemocratic ( given their name) way

I suspect that you are far far to GOOD to to work within their system

Many thanks again

From the far corner of the globe

Dr P

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Wonderful words -What about Your INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE ? Outside the duopoly

He stands for everything you stand for And has Funding and heart Kennedy Jnr -would you be a running mate with him Man WHAT a power couple you would be . Please think about it . Tragically the democrats have abandoned their/out humanitarian values You AND Kennedy WILL right the historic wrong . Sent with love and hope .

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