Marianne 🙏 You continue to educate and inspire me. You are such a powerhouse for the People providing a platform where important issues are discussed and valuable voices like Max and the Real News Network are heard.

I felt SO much reading this. I felt empowerment knowing I come from those who survived slave labor conditions… to those who fought on behalf of the people in Unions. My mom once said about my Nana Lois that her boss (the main Union honcho) would tell her “Lois… Don’t take this case!” Her attitude was “Oh I’m taking it and winning it!” Where would we be today without people like her who fought despite all the odds?? Where will today and tomorrow’s kids be without people like you and Max and Christian Smalls???

I felt such sadness knowing the gravity of the situation and the indescribable devastation that is caused to families suffering in systems that seek to extract everything it can out of you without regard for whether you live or die. This one REALLY hit home for me and had me bawling in my bed.

The fact we even have law firms today that help employers get their employees fired is despicable to me. To stack resources, money and corporate power against an “individual” with zero Union representation or no resources, money or power is simply SICK! Clearly, the employee is valuable if their “work record” is such that it requires getting a law firm involved (not cheap) just to get them out the door. Why would such a company do such a thing? It happens. I may have even been a victim to it. I got my own story based on theories founded in facts and gut intuitions.

I am DONE being Naive. Eyes WIDE open. How do I help? I belong in the arena. I didn’t ask to be here but I am here nevertheless… with the DNA of the former fighters 💪 and the heart and soul of the sufferers and I am DONE allowing more of such suffering to happen to HUMAN beings for the sake of the Almighty Dollar… a piece of paper… a waste of a precious tree… so a few can have so much they don’t have the time to even spend it in one lifetime. SICK SHIT!

I think it is time for me to shift into the Lois Lane. Wonder Woman and Defending Angel she was. She has been calling me to DC. Maybe it is time I listen. 🤔 Don’t know what to do or how to help but my Heart’s desire is there. May God guide me.

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To really understand the victimization of workers at Amazon, I highly recommend the book Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-Click America, by Alec MacGillis. It illustrates the importance of unionization as way to advocate for and protect workers. I also recommend Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town, by Brian Alexander. It presents a example of a common strategy by hedge funds to buy assets, sell them off and thus destroy companies along with the lives of the people who worked for them. Once we know, we cannot "not know." We must reclaim America as a country that creates jobs with a living wage, healthcare for all and the rebuilding of communities that provide a sanctuary for its citizens and its children. Unmitigated greed and "divide and conquer" propaganda has been deployed to distract us from the blatant corruption that protects the wealthy and punishes the poor and middle class. The truth is available, we must inform ourselves by seeking it. The mainstream, corporate media is not where it resides.

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When are you going to interview RFK, Jr.? Peter McCullough? Robert Malone? Michael Yeadon? How about an honest, prearranged, thought-out interview with Mike Adams or David Wilcock? Do you really want honest thought, a sufficiently thought through discussion of the current world situation, or do you want to continue hackneyed liberal yammering?

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Such powerful education and thank you! I recall the effort to unionize nurses back in the late 60's, early 70's and my own emotional reaction that it couldn't be a good thing. Wow..

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