Marianne, thank you for this! And I have just joined your course! In amazing synchronicity. this post of yours was the first thing my eyes came across right after a phone conversation with a friend in which I was sharing my thoughts about how we as a species have within us the ability, by raising our awareness (eg. our levels of consciousness, comprehension and compassion) and activating our powers of choice and our voice to, together create a sustainable, abundant, just, beautiful and dignified, world that works for all.

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I agree with your wisdom here. I think we should also say ‘action requires thought’. Look at the thought Putin’s Russia put into attacking Ukraine. And all the thought that went into the Jan 6 insurrection, or all the countless murders of each other. Thought did indeed change the world, but ‘change’ needs some adjectives here. Let’s put our thought into the betterment of humanity. A species which cares for each other and respects the place where it survives. Let’s make these the priorities, not partisan positioning, religious and political rhetoric or who can amass the largest hoard of money. That on which we focus is what we will see.

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Hi Marianne, I believe I have registered! How can I confirm my registration? thanks Marie

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I have followed Marianne for years and would be delighted to sign up for the Course in Miracles class starting 1/31 however I am confused as to what subscribing as a paid reader of Stack (currently I am an unpaid subscriber) would be. Could I get some clarification

As to how much a paid subscriber needs to pay in addition to the discounted rate .

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Substack subscribers get a 15% off your registration with code: STACK15.

I JUST registered for this course but didn't know about this discount.

Could I please be credited the 15%?

Thank you!

Sandy Nipper

6315 SW Timberland Pl

Beaverton, OR 97007

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