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Merry Christmas Marianne

Peace and Love to all

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Thank you for this I think you see it all so clearly. The world needs your voice of compassion and insight on the world stage.

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...to have faith beyond reason. Phew!

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And the light appears...

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May God continue to work through you Marianne! Prayers for deep peace and joy for you in 2024!

May all beings be blessed.

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Marianne, your glimpse of a higher presence is a wonderful moment bringing you peace!

The big question I keep asking myself and others these sad days is: what will it take to prompt those who are privileged to truly support needed fundamental change to our social structures and institutions that will enable a great political platform, like yours, to become the new commons? How do we really get people out of their collective, comfortable bubbles to understand when one falls, well, we all fall--no one segment of society is forever immune to suffering--as history showed us via the aftermath of World War 11. My heart seeks an answer to my question as I continue to support your work to help uplift our world. And I thank you for all you are doing Marianne!

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Such a perfect description of what keeps us centered: A spiritual Bethlehem! Much success and prosperity, in 2024, Marianne!

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Simply beautiful Marianne - a shift to light is possible and if we all move into the light - that is forgiving all, it will happen.

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So very beautiful and true. Thank you dear Marianne for this and all that you are and do.

To this love affair of the earth with her sun,

These days with their night,

and our hearts coming to know themselves as one.

To our breathing ever deeper into the present moment,

Our widening embrace of the shadows and light,

To dancing our joys and eternities into time

and the light of our days into our night

May your days and nights rain the sunshine of your heart wisdom back to you in infinite shades of joy and peace, and be full of the grace that dances in awareness of its own music.

May the om behind every breath, dance your eternity through every cell of your time.

May the eternal light of your heart illuminate the silence between your thoughts and make a nurturing home for your joy to unfold and your soul to blossom.

In celebration of our uniqueness and of our shared humanity, of our diversity and of our unity,

May all beings everywhere know peace and oneness, and the healing, wholing, holy, of their true most inner being.

All of my love to you and yours throughout this divine efflorescence, in this holiday season, and beyond,

Omm shanti satchidananda,


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Gorgeous words and insights! Wishing you Ellen the best in 2024.

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Thank you so much dear Joan. All blessings to you from now, through and beyond 2024.

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Marianne, I just wanted to share with you a great movie I watched on Netflix, it’s called ‘Bank of Dave’. A beautiful almost true story. The theme greatly reminds me of you and your political beliefs regarding this country. Hope you enjoy.

Abundant Blessings to you. 💜

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Dave Foswick is a real person and his bank is thriving today! I assume some of the story was made to entertain but Dave is a real, honest, and compassionate soul who cares about the folks who live in his community. We need more local leaders, like Dave. I adored the movie and April I am l glad you mentioned it too!

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Thank you Marianne, once again your message settles in my heart and soul, knowing we are all part of Gods plan. I’ll keep praying for all who are struggling and suffering this day and all days. Peace to you Marianne and your beloved family. 🎄❄️💞

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Anne Dillard describes this exact phenomenon in “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.” Great women create spiritual energy! Keep up the fight Marianne, we need your energy!

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Merry Christmas Marianne. You are a Light in this world and thank you for sharing your much needed gifts and wisdom with all of us. I pray that you have the energy to continue your mission.. and that you get on the ballot in all 50 states. You are so needed. Rest up today and feel all the love we are sending your way. Love, Helen

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May the Light appear!!!!

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Feliz Navidad, Marianne to you and your family.

Thank you for the note....

“Had I not considered just moments before that I have to forgive everyone and everything, I don’t think I would have seen the light-filled vision of the tree. Yes, the physical phenomenon would have occurred - but I wouldn’t have necessarily noticed it. It lasted perhaps a minute and I might have been walking into the kitchen right then”

This came to me strongly, specifically right now!!

The peace from just acknowledging the initial step to forgive is amazing. We do it, have done it, probably many times...

and this moment, this note and this feeling came to remind me of how easily we fall again and again,, and how important it is to admit “I could be doing it wrong” (I learned that phrase and it’s deep meaning from you,, it sure grounds me every time)

Love you and Thank you. 🙏🏻🌈

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That is such a beautiful and powerful message Marianne!

Bless you for your wisdom and inspiration Madam President

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