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The moment calls for us to dismantle neoliberalism from our collective consciousness before fascism completely takes over. I believe in your leadership, Marianne!

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If it were only America...it is the trend all over the world.

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We are allowing ourselves to be enslaved by leaders who are liars or corrupt. We need spiritual leaders, like Marianne, to inspire us to collectively unite without fear. Otherwise, we will be ruled by authoritarians. It's always up to the people to resist and say we've had enough of this growing madness!

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It’d be glorious to spend as much time outlining some of the things people can do to be the cure, to take the next best steps, to overcoming these challenges. I appreciate how well the problem has been described, we just need individuals present enough, and forward thinking enough to help articulate more of the solutions. How we can BE the change we’re desiring to see….

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A Facebook friend of mine, Reidun Westvik Lauritzen, posted the following invitation under the title: “It is Time” a couple of years ago. I believe it is appropriate to share here and now:

We cannot fix the planet.

We cannot save the oceans.

We can only allow nature to reveal its own innate intelligence,

logic, interconnections

and regenerative cycles,

teaching us how to respect it as ourselves.

We are nature.

There is nothing to fix.

There is only tuning into our own nature, systems, emotions, energy,

our common path.

By doing this, we open up the door into our renewed collective imaginary,

experiencing it as

freedom, thrivability and belonging.

It starts in this moment.

Not with heroes.

But with us.

You and I regenerating our own hearts,

enabling ourselves to

hold space

for friction, old and new,

the power structures falling apart,

and the emergence of the new self

on an individual, relational, collective

and planetary level.

The regeneration is already mirroring itself

through all the layers

of the earth, our souls and purposes.

Invite yourself to join.


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The times are so tenuous now, or so it appears. There are so many of us who see and know. What kind of collapse will it take for the sea change to occur? A change is inevitable. Holding the space of holiness and unwavering vision for the world means everything. So shall we continue the vigil. I hold fast to the knowing that there are enough of us. You have lead this charge Marianne. The better world is coming on OUR watch.

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As a British Born, but Sovereign indivifual, I've lived in four different countries over my life. I'm currently in Mexico, about 40 mins from the SanDiego border. This is by design. I LOVE America. Or rather, should I say, I love the REAL America born of a brilliant ideology. I will. most likely end up living in the US, when I can sort out the right Visa. I attended Marianne's Presidential forum and the ideas expressed can make the US capable of becoming better than it's best. The Authoritarian mentality is born of FEAR! Which nails the problem the US has and many other countries. I spent a considerable time in Africa-I was in the Music business and we toured numerous times in SA, pre Apatheidt and the Nation becoming "Free", but in major ways the soulful and peace loving tribes are now WAY worse off than they were under White rule. Their own, elected leaders have plundered the country and have become Oligarchs with Billions in their bank accounts. Money without purpose is pointless. They have the capacity to give their people an enhanced standard of living in every sense- what a beautiful opportunity.. I find it baffling to be in a position to do so much good and do so little. I was in CapeTown recently on holiday and the restaurants were patronised by a 90% white majority. So, what's changed? Their liberty has enslaved them far more than Afrikaaner leadership. I went to the townships, which are acres of self-built, from scrap, little homes for the "Free" Black South Africans. I was VERY impressed with the cleanliness of these little houses and the people themselves, who act with dignity and their children go to school in immaculate uniforms. You can't destroy the human spirit. I spoke with quite a number of them and the theme was consistent- they would have preferred to live, as they had lived, under White rule. The injustice of Apartheidt is appalling, but the injustice of their Oligarchian rulers is even worse. I'm in the Digital World and took on a coaching role where I was gived hundreds of appointments, typically with Americans. Holding down two or more jobs to SURVIVE. No time for their children and little time for themselves. These people are Slaves!!! THAT is what has happened to the American Dream. Incredibly sad, and so unjust, all born of FEAR. I grieve for the wonderful American idea, which worked magnificently. Not any more. I PRAY that you take on the Presidential challenge and WIN. If Donald Trump could do it, 𝗦𝗢 𝗖𝗔𝗡 𝗬𝗢𝗨!,God Bless, Marianne XO

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How America can continue to call itself the richest country in the world when really it is just a country that harbors billionaires?

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We are in trouble in Canada as well. North America has been hijacked by a group of evildoers. It appears as though our prime minister is selling out our country and aiming to bankrupt us. We all need leadership with heart and vision, not bought and paid for puppets.

I didn't listen in but if you do decide to run, I wish you all the best and pray angels will light the way for you.

I'm hoping your Presidency will affect our country in a loving and positive way.

I was recently told we represent the heart chakra of the world and if we fail, it's over for all of us.

God bless North America and God bless you Marianne!

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Perhaps we may have come close a time or two in the past to actualizing some of the ideals upon which we purport to stand as a nation. With the aid of technology and the rising tide of white supremacy and authoritarianism we have, unfortunately, strayed far off course. We all know the injustices and inequities we are cycling through is nothing new, except they have intensified in certain places. In fact, we cannot seem to catch up with the number of books that appear to be published daily, essentially detailing the same grievances from decades and/or centuries ago. But what's new is a voice that is still making the effort to pierce the thicket that is the status quo. And Marianne continues to be that voice.

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Outside of this group and a few others, so far as I can tell most folks do not recognize the need to course correct America. And authoritarian control is only one part of the story. The other part is that economic growth as of on track to ecological catastrophe; escalating climate mayhem is the most obvious symptom.

I recently had a talk with Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute. They are interested in forming an ‘anti-catastrophe coalition’. We agree that communicating to affect mainstream consciousness is critical; I will send Richard my Kitchen Table Conversations Kit.

There are, of course, different levels of leadership… all the way up to being President. But leaderships such as you would offer – perhaps indeed the success of your possible campaign – requires massive public engagement in a way never seen before. Our task is evolutionary.

Therefore I suggest that true leadership today involves inspiring followers to be leaders in their own right – at least to some degree – and giving them tools to make communicating effective. This way leaders can massively amplify their influence.

Andrew Gaines

Inspiring Transition



Greta Thunberg will have reason to hope when she sees that mainstream society is committed to turning things around.

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Excellent Marianne. My family is lucky enough to be ok, but unfortunately, they aren’t interested in helping those who “are too Lazy to work and get entitlement aid, are unruly and demanding.” They “help”

By giving at church but they do not want to give any of their money or pay more taxes God Forbid. They have no compassion if it requires something of them. I’m not sure how to change that around. And they want to tell others what to do. They LIKE all the new outrageous rules for those “less than” and are “using abortion for birth control.” It’s the corporations and yea, it is the minds of the fearful whites. Maybe some commercials that show a girl

Raped and her trying to find care! Idk. People are so judgmental

And unforgiving.”

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There is a view that oligarchy and (what we call) democracy are not complete opposites. In his book Oligarchy, Jeffrey A Winters argues that Western political systems are really oligarchies, but they present in different configurations.

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SILENCE IS CONSENT! Listen to Scott Ritter. I agree on everything he is saying. Zelensky is a war criminal. To invite a war criminal like him in Washington and to welcome him like a hero, is a disgrace. France and England did the same. Also virtually in Canadian Parliament last March 2022. Open your eyes.

¨Is Ukraine using chemical weapons on Russian forces, which would be a violation of international laws? If so, why the silence from the mainstream media and Western governments? We speak to Scott Ritter, the person who warned that there were NOT weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, about whether or not there ARE now.¨ This is HORRIBLE and Putin says "no more" | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris 22:20 min https://youtu.be/Wn9V41asoxs

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The legal status of "The Corporation" has been teh bane of our existence for 1500 years. Not much hope for a healthy culture so long as our system is so manipulated. We can have healthy cultures or corporations, but we cannot have both...

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A key to change is reversing Citizens United that gave corporations the power that people have.

Can we focus on 1 thing and get that accomplished? That would be huge. Who can lead such an effort? If there is no one, how do we do it?

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