I'm as sure as I can be that this magnificent quote comes from our wonderful Marianne Williamson -

"The world can throw terrible things your way but it cannot change the reality of who you are."

Thank you Marianne 😊✨😊✨😊

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I had despaired of the possibility that a viable candidate could emerge from the ashes of the Democratic Party after the DNC burned Bernie with HRC’s bonfire. MW could be the black swan, a phoenix emerging from the flames of an incapacitated president and an imprisoned imbecile of a “front-running” and corrupt challenger. Perhaps it was not coincidence that I awoke at 4 AM hearing the old song “Dream Along With Me” (I’m on my way to the stars).

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The DNC didn't "burn Bernie with HRC's bonfire". They cheated, plain and simple. Incidentally, what would prevent them from pulling off the same trick this time around?

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The cheating was a cooperative effort. The DNC and Hillary were a team united by fear of progressives--they even “elevated” Trump, believing him to be an easy target. This time around? History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes--but nothing rhymes with Orange.

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Of course, it was a concerted effort. And those behind it semi-openly stated that Trump would be preferable to Sanders...

I had no idea that Eminem's conundrum could be used for an underhand attack on our flamboyant Donnie :)

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What, indeed. The DNC faces a challenge, in theory, from Marianne and others (like RFK Jr.). They will ignore that challenge in the same way they ignored the challenge to Hillary by Bernie, and if sued by non-Biden-supporters will doubtless prevail in court, again, with the same argument—that the "Democratic Party" is a private corporation and is outside the jurisdiction of our courts.

I am certain that Marianne has a zero chance of becoming the nominee of that "party" in 2024, or any other year. Her campaign is one of revolutionary change, and the "party" is an antidemocratic institution, owned and operated by the same kleptocrats who ultimately own the equally-bogus "Republican Party."

I see only one rational alternative: Marianne must run as an independent candidate (without any party affiliation). We need "power to the people," not "power to the party."

I'm reminded of the cartoon meme of Bernie using a torch to set fire to a straw donkey with the caption "Bern it down." Naturally, lifelong "party" loyalists were offended. How dare he? (Of course, the real Bernie, after assuring his supporters that they should follow their consciences, quickly honored his "party" pledge and backed the "party" nominee.)

What might make "party" loyalists abandon their straw-stuffed icon in favor of a real revolutionary who credibly pledges to uphold their interests and oppose the interests of the corporate mega-donors who are pledged to burn down our republic (and obliterate our democracy)? "Party" is in quotes above to remind the reader that not doing so grants the kleptocrats their need to frame the word as if it were still real, and not a corporate piñata.

In the words of president Eisenhower, "“If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.” (Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1956.)

Like Ike's warning to us of the profound danger to our democratic republic by the "Military-Industrial Complex," this warning has also come true. More recently, George Carlin warned us to beware of another deadly term: "The word bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out." If Patrick Henry were here, he might counsel us that "Now is the time for all good men to burn down their party and elect representatives of the people, not straw-stuffed effigies of kleptocrats."

Consider the fact that the largest sector of the /voting/ electorate is Independent, not partisan. I want to help elect the next President of the United States, not the next President of the DNC, Inc. The largest sector of eligible voters in the United States (about 47%) is the sector which does not vote at all. Currently, this sector is ignored by the "political class" as irrelevant. Perhaps their seeming indifference is really just their recognition that their "representatives" don't care whether they're alive or dead, as evidenced by websites like represent.us.

Marianne, don't trust your fate to kleptocrats disguised as a party machine, who'd prefer you were dead because they can't control you. Keep appealing directly to your fellow Americans, instead. God is not dead, but "both parties" ARE.

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You either clicked a couple of wrong buttons or your final paragraph makes me feel a little bit like Anthony Perkins' character from that notorious franchise :)

On a serious note, you are perfectly correct about these two "parties" and the internal dynamics of today's "democratic process". I think S8 Ep8 of South Park says it best. Those who prefer a PG-13 version of the same sentiment can go with Robin Williams' remark about senators and NASCAR suits. Hence the question - why does Ms. Williamson play with the rounders?

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The status quo isn't "covertly" corrupt. The corruption is done in broad daylight and officially written into the law. While "We the People" do exactly that - "consistently deny" what they all already know. It's Doublethink in action. That sad joke - "1984 was a warning not a manual" never rang so true. But the real problem is, Orwell's work isn’t a warning, but a 100% accurate prediction based on the analysis of history and human nature at large. The examination offered by Camus in The Rebel isn't that different. But he chooses to take his Kierkegaardian leap of faith in the human spirit nonetheless. The leap that Orwell, a true humanist himself, dissects as an illusion... Who's right, who's closer to the truth? Let's put it in the most hopeful way - it remains to be seen...

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What a phenomenon article leading us to truth and action and inspiring us to all possibility. An “invincible summer” as is out next President, Marianne Williamson.

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This piece wonderfully expresses how the divine and spiritual should be infused in our every human effort and action and vision. I wish this could be printed on the front of every newspaper, instagram, tic-tok, Facebook, nightly news broadcast, etc. We need you, Marianne, as president at the helm of this US ship!

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Perfect! Marianne, I cherish your statement: ..."incremental change is not enough when people's souls are bleeding." You've got my support for president. 🙏🤗💖👍

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Much love from Australia!

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We can hope; we must hope. Marianne stands alone in the '24 campaign; she alone realizes that the human journey is, has always been, and will always be a purely spiritual affair, and that we have brought it to a critical point. You can do wrong things with exponentially increasing power for only so long before the consequences threaten to overwhelm you, and that is exactly what is happening now. We are facing a truly Biblical showdown between what is Right (Good, True, According to God's will) and what is Wrong.

We must choose between them, and everything Marianne says and proposes leads us to do so correctly. It is impossible to exaggerate what is at stake here, or what a bright ray of hope Marianne provides. Anything is possible; if enough of us can see clearly we CAN choose her to be our President and if we do we will be very glad indeed that we did. If not, I fear that a vote for either of the duopoly candidates will be fatal; there just isn't enough time left for the business as usual that is killing us.

There is, of course, an enormous practical barrier; the "spoiler effect". Its logic is unarguable; by any normal standard Marianne has no reasonable chance of winning. The Duopoly has drummed that into our heads so successfully that most of us accept the idea that the only people we can "realistically" vote for are one or the other of their two candidates (who both have the same bottom line; protecting the status quo, not saving the planet from going over the Cliff to which we have brought ourselves so close). I think that the way around that is for Marianne to announce that she has no intention of being a spoiler; that if and when the campaign is advanced and should it be clear that she has no chance of winning, she will strongly urge all her supporters to fully support Biden (presumably). That way so many more of us will feel free to support her openly, which will 1) show her how much support she actually has and 2) maximize her chances of pulling off this so necessary miracle.

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A correspondent of mine, not long ago, made the statement: "Marianne Williamson is breathtakingly unqualified to serve as President". My reaction was to quote George Takei- "Ohhh, myyyyy!" The metric she was using was, essentially, that your politics are not "pragmatic". In other words, you are not in sync with the politics of Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Joe Biden, Nikki Haley or even Billie Jean King. That is precisely why you ARE qualified! The person in question has a profession that depends on being able to challenge the status quo. Perhaps, she is afraid of being put out of business? To her, and others of such mindset, I say "Happy Retirement!"

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I persevere because to give up would mean to let my enemies win. Thank you for your words, Marianne. Well said and inspiring.

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Thank you for the vision❤️🙏🏻

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The political system is crumbling, like all the egoic structures of the State( of unconsciousness).

Never have there been so many people that are aware the system disenfranchised them.

Follow the money and you see why we dont have a democracy and the govt (that is a corporation) is not working for the interest of the people.

"Give me control of a nation's currency and I care not who runs the government."

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Jul 17, 2023·edited Jul 17, 2023

This is so true - "by speaking common sense to a vast gaslit nation". Yet - unless this is intentional misquoting of Marianne by the NY Post, which would not be surprising - Marianne believed the gaslighting false framing of what RFK, Jr said. Kennedy was drawing attention to the wrongness of biological weapons, something he would seriously take on as President, something he has been deeply researching for 2 1/2 years to write a book. And if anyone has seen The Real Anthony Fauci, RFK, Jr meticulously researches, sources, cites his claims.

He did NOT accuse China or anyone of designing SARS-CoV-2 to more harshly affect some groups and spare others. He Clearly Says, at 1:16 in the video of an off the record conversation - "we don't know if it was deliberately targeted or not."

To then flood the information zone with claims that he made accusations of deliberate targeting is the media's usual low, it is not journalism, it is literally gaslighting 101.

What he claimed to know, and I believe that if he said these things, he says them from knowing them to be true - covid affects some ethnicities differently (there Are biological differences, including in ACE2 receptors, and immunity. This does not mean it is intentional in the creation of the virus).

- the US is funding bioweapons research in Ukraine

- the US and China are working on pathogens that can be targeted to different ethnic groups.

He did not, and does not, ascribe motives to these points of information. He clearly said We Dont Know If It Was Deliberately Targeted or Not. Did Marianne realize he said this? Did she just read the media's interpretation?

Please be careful - they use anyone as pawns to discredit those they don't like. Instead of focusing on What Kennedy is saying - and he has the courage to speak out as strongly as needed against the corrupt pharma industrial complex, and censorship industrial complex - they say things like "His family disagrees with him." His family is Huge. Some agree with him, some disagree with him - and that's OK.

That was a very juicy quote they got out of Marianne, saying his remarks were "sinister and unfounded" (if indeed Marianne actually said that, I don't trust the press to accurately quote, but if that was wrong, or based on not understanding that he clearly said we don't know if deliberate, I hope Marianne will try to correct the statement).

It would be extremely irresponsible to accuse the creators of SARS-CoV-2 of intentionally making something to harm certain groups and spare others, unless there is a Lot of evidence to back that up. Without evidence to support an accusation like that, it IS a sinister and unfounded accusation - and it's an accusation that Kennedy DID NOT MAKE.

Much respect to Marianne for getting into a presidential race that previously was lacking people with true honesty, integrity, and healing vision. The last primary, crowded as it was, lacked candidates with these qualities, besides Marianne. When the only one running this time was Biden, there's an obvious not just lack but inversion of honesty, integrity, healing vision. But RFK, Jr has those qualities - and understands both the higher level spiritual healing that needs to happen, and the granular details of scientific fraud that led to most of the world being gaslit about dangerous medical products, many dangerous medical products. And speaking out strongly about that is one of the most important things in these times, when there is full-speed-ahead race to coerce, or perhaps force through impossible choices, a dangerous mRNA platform for many other things into all of our bodies. Based on lies and scientific fraud and a media that goes so low they are actually ridiculing people who risk their lives to rescue children.

Meant with love ...

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Thanks for sharing this truth which is happening in many countries, "The continuance of our current political system depends on our consistently denying what we know. It wants us to pretend that what we know in our hearts isn’t true, or isn’t important. And thus we lose faith that we know much of anything at all."

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Go Marianne GO!

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Marianne Williamson,

You warm my heart every time I read something you have written.

Like when I read the fine print of a small poster with Nelson Mandela on it with part of his inaugural speech and saw that it was you who wrote those most wonderful and extra ordinary words.

May the blessings be with you as they are and may your incredible journey become easier and lighter as people around the world really look at themselves and see what is really important in this life.

Love, wisdom, knowledge, experience....

You have many friends with similar out looks/Spirit ..

Love from me in the Byron Bay Shire,

Mullumbimby, Australia

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