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I’m so grateful for your courage, perseverance, and brilliant articulation, Marianne. I voted for you (and have friends that voted for you) in the MA primary. Blessings to you and on all you do to impact the larger conversation. 🙏💕✨

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You stayed on to give hope to the people and everything you could do to save the dream of America, and the principles on which we were founded. The work you do is your ministry, God’s work. Thank you♥️

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I had to write in Marianne's name on my state's Democrat primary ballot.

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Marianne you speak from the heart. Thank you for those of us who do not have the platform of those who will listen.

With Gratitude


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Truth can be hard to hear, especially when it’s hard to find enough places to speak it. Thanks for your brilliant truth.

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🙏🏼for not giving up. I stand by you and all like you. ❤️

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I admire courage and fortitude. I’m convinced as long as OUR government keeps collecting taxes out of our paychecks nothing will change. Congress does not represent me. The president does not represent me. Your beliefs and ideals represent me and I wish there was a primary. But let’s face it… Don’t you think part of the reason there’s not a primary is because of Joe’s not so clear speech and other ramblings? We still live in a patriarchal nation. And your sharp thought and presents would make him look even weaker. No one’s ready for that.

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"That’s why for over a year I’ve decried the unwillingness of the Democratic National Committee to allow a real primary to take place, letting voters decide who the 2024 Democratic nominee for President would be." - This pissed me off too - I wanted a primary where the people decided who WE wanted to support - not having that decision made by the DNC and then getting pressure to support their candidate. How is that a Democratic process?

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It's not a Democratic process. The Democratic Party is in name only. You have every right to be disappointed; we all are. We see them for what they truly are now.....

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I believe in you, Marianne, and I pray that you will be our next president.

God bless you and God bless the United States. God bless democracy that Marianne will preserve in the USA and the world.

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"The DNC even argued in court - successfully, I might add - that as a private corporation it doesn’t owe people a fair election process."

Major kudos for catching up on that after 12 months of the campaign. Although one could say that since it was argued quite some time ago and the DNC's actions in 2016 as well as 2020 spoke louder than words, it should have probably been the first thing to consider even before its start...

"They basically felt that in order to protect democracy they had to suppress democracy."

That's not what they felt; that's what they said. They do not really care who wins as long as it's an Establishment dude who ensures that "nothing will fundamentally change" or changes suit them. And Trump with all his "eccentricities" is an enfant terrible of the Establishment. He is too egocentric to be anyone's puppy or serve as a nicely decorated facade for TPTB. But neither is he a real outsider, let alone any kind of revolutionary. Didn't the same DNC kind of openly state in the same 2016 that Trump would be preferable to Sanders? And if Trump really goes "hail, Caesar", they have more than enough means to neutralise him. Also, to think that the DNC, DP, or Establishment give a hoot about democracy is...funny. So this incessant fearmongering about Trump on their part is just one of their sheepdogging tactics...

"The DNC’s overt and unapologetically proclaimed goal of making Biden the nominee..."

It's not for granted that Biden will be the nominee. Given his 'rising' popularity among Democratic voters due to his aiding and abetting the mass murdering activities of Israel, they can easily turn him into a scapegoat at some point and come up with someone else. The problem is, there is no chance that this someone else will be any better. And this whole idea to influence Biden or any other Establishment candidate with some progressive agenda is seriously ridiculous for obvious reasons. Which brings us to...

"If given half a chance, the American people will take it from there..."

Isn't it absolutely clear by now that such a chance will never be "given"? That it can only be taken? And it can only be done through organising people - most importantly labor - in terms of direct action with political demands? Isn't it clear that no amount of lamenting on Substack or Fox will make the DNC change their ways? Frankly, it's plainly surreal how the above article pretty accurately describes the actual state of things, but in the end reverts to the same strategy which futility was proven by every moment of this very campaign...

"You don’t do things only if you know they’ll succeed; you do something if you know it’s the right thing to do."

OK, sure. But you don't do things that literally ensure that the right thing will never come to fruition either...

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I agree about the importance of labor and other outside actions, but thinking that fundamental change can come about without electoral change as well is silly. Ask the Iraqis how important our elections are. And the only place where “political demands” make any difference is at the ballot box. I agree with a lot of what you said the complications of actually running are a bit different than you seem to think

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"The complications of actually running are a bit different than you seem to think..."

I'm not sure what you mean, so feel free to elaborate...

As for the rest, your argument would be valid if this country had real elections. It doesn’t. These are circuses. You know that better than anyone else; you've been there. Your article here is entirely dedicated to bewailing this very unfortunate circumstance, isn't it? What you said certainly makes some sense. American presidents do have a relatively serious say in terms of foreign policy -- those who're capable of talking about it in complete sentences, at any rate. And yes, given what constitutes business as usual on the part of American Empire, what's happening in US politics may seriously affect people all around the world (if Clinton had won in 2016, it's hard to say how many more Syrian people would have been dead within her first six months). But the truth is, the Dems and Reps are virtually identical in this respect. In fact, as of late, the Dems have been worse. The Iraqies were dying under Bush. They continued to do so under Obama. And after Biden’s little genocide, it hardly makes sense to even discuss this subject from this angle. The only thing worth mentioning here is that choosing the lesser of two evils is a dead-end approach in principle...

But that's exactly what these "elections" are all about. And have been for quite some time. You are also perfectly aware of the fact that it isn't accidental. This whole charade is a purposefully introduced, carefully arranged, and fully official process of choosing between another "giant douche" and another "turd sandwich". So here is the question that I asked you as soon as you announced your campaign, "What are you gonna do about it? And how?" You've been asked the same question many times by many others since. And you've never provided a sensible answer. The reason is simple -- you don't have one. The reason for you not having one is also simple -- it doesn't exist. In these current circumstances, it would be impossible. You know that the system is rigged. That it's deliberately engineered. And you know that it won't "un"rig itself just because you or someone else said so. So in order to change this situation, you'd need some serious, perhaps overwhelming, leverage. What leverage do you have?

This is why labor and its activities isn’t some supplementary thing among "other outside actions." It's THE thing. It's the CORE thing. It's the ONLY thing that can realistically usher in fundamental change. Because it's the only force that DOES have this leverage. Labor collectively "withholding labor" (as someone aptly put it here and elsewhere) is the only way. This is not to suggest that this should come about without or not through electoral change. This is to say that this electoral change in the current circumstances is only possible if supported by the organised activities of a new militant labor movement that has this tremendous power of withholding labor. Which, by the way, is exactly what happened during the New Deal era, not the White Knight Savior called FDR -- although his role was certainly significant. So no, the ballot box is not the only place where political demands can make some serious difference -- especially if we are talking about the ballot box of this current electoral pantomime. They can make much more difference during a nationwide series of general strikes. That's the only thing that will be "accepted" by the Establishment. Because, just like in the 30s, they won't have any other choice. And will have to negotiate with a new FDR. But such a fugure can only emerge standing on the shoulders of labor and rank-and-file unions. Ultimately, the only force that can save the working class is the working class itself. You can't do that. But you can try to become their leader. As far as I can see, you have never even tried to go in that direction. But...the night is young, isn't it?

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And here we are again. :)

Interesting - and a great idea - you talking about withholding labor on a massive scale. Ironically, my boss just said something to this effect recently. And to do so would of course impact her first, before it would hit the Establishment. But that is an exceptional tactic, i agree. If we could get everyone to just stop working, until demands were met....wow.

(Ha! Especially if Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon stopped working! Where would Biden get his next 93 billion dollars worth of missiles??)

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Precisely. It's not Biden who makes those missiles. And the only ones who can demolish Citizens United along with all the other pillars of present-day American "democracy" are the citizens united and acting together. And, of course, it's not about ruining small businesses. It's about strategically targeting the mainstays of the system, like the MIC that you mention. Others should try to help with what they can. They can contribute to strike funds, engage in mutual aid activities in local communities. So that those who might go on strike know that someone's got their back and will help them out through this period. But it takes seriously serious organising. And it will take real sacrifice on the part of everyone involved. But it does look like it's the only realistic way...

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"People are in too many cases more disgusted by the shenanigans of the Democratic party than by the authoritarian threat posed by Donald Trump." TRUTH!! Because those shenanigans are ALSO the signs of an authoritarian leadership. Trump may or may not be blowing hot air; but Biden is already authoritarian, as evidenced by what he did - and continues to do - to you and everyone else running against him. I never thought I'd see the day when I actually felt some sympathy for Trump. But here we are.

Marianne, I've been supporting your campaign for several months. I'm one of those volunteers you mentioned, and I'm honored to be. If you don't get delegates, I hope you will consider endorsing Kennedy. He seems to be the last hope left for us to escape the clutches of The Machine.

Still hoping for those delegates and hearing you speak to the DNC in August!! But Kennedy - despite his woeful position on Israel - needs all the help he can get, to help us get rid of those two clowns, and end the divide. To restore the environment, and take America back from the corporate capture we are currently subjects of.

Thank you for being you, Marianne. 💖 Great post!!

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Thanks, Zachary, for liking my comment. God bless you and all those you love now and forever.

Be still and be you.

Be still and know.

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I just attended your gathering in Eugene Oregon. I worked on your campaign in 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I love the idea of Department of Peace. You said that you are for ceasefire in Middle East; but support funding for Ukraine. How do you explain that discrepancy? Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have died and more will if war is prolonged.

Also interested in why you think that we are supporting democracy in Ukraine when Zelensky canceled elections and said there would be none

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I support a cease-fire along with release of the hostages and a two states solution. I think the military actions occurring now in the south of Gaza are ultimately creating more Hamas, transgressing against our humanitarian values, and hurting the chances for a peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians

As far as Ukraine is concerned, refusal to help them will amount to what is essentially annexation by Russia. While you’re right that almost 500,000 Ukrainians have died already, that annexation would be even more dangerous not only for them but also for the rest of Europe

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