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Good morning. A Return to Love is the book I was guided to read in the Summer of 1995. This book fulfilled its purpose. Sublimely delivered, it ignited my re-membering of the principles of ACIM, precisely as planned; right on time. Integration of these Principals became a lifelong pursuit at that time and over the following decades+ I came to be ready to study with the Guide whose guidance I first placed into my lifeplan as a loving nudge; a way~shower. Enter Mornings With Marianne into my awareness. I love how this works! I had the textbook for what seemed like eons when this offering came along. I had attempted various other approaches to studying that I struggled with. My prayer was for a kind and gentle teacher who could help me navigate this LifeCourse I wanted so to participate in. I have enrolled for a third year. The opportunity to visit again and again the lesson plan that is the pearl in the pages of the book, is a blessing beyond measure. The guidance from Marianne, a prayer answered. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ~ see you tomorrow ;)

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