Never forget that money is not wealth, it is the mechanism to control wealth. Wealth is the "stuff". All of that "stuff" is produced by labor. Those who do the labor are the MAKERS. Those who manipulate the paperwork to get the "stuff", without doing the labor to produce it, are the TAKERS. Slightly over half of the income in this country is in the IRS category, "un-earned" (mostly rents and dividends). Most things that we call investments are strategies for getting something for nothing. As Tolstoy said (I think, it might have been Dostoevsky): "The rich man rides around on the back of the poor man, with his hands around his neck, all the while proclaiming that he wants nothing more than to improve the lot of the poor man by doing whatever he can to that end; except, of course, by getting off of his back."

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There is one area where unions fail workers, and that is in standing up for less than full-time workers and temporary workers. These make up an increasingly large number of employees. From adjunct faculty, to mothers who can't work 40 hours per week, to hard working retail staff allowed to work 38 (but never 40) hours a week - these folks are deprived of fair wages and benefits. EVERYONE deserves fair compensation and representation.

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Marianne's support for workers is vital to maintain a just society for all, whereby folks can thrive instead of suffering.

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My father was a typographer for a big french canadian newspaper at the time in Montreal - La Presse. They were members of The International Typographical Union (ITU). He was Union Representative so I understand very well Marianne your statement above and I knew since a very young age also to never, ever cross a picket line and the signification of the word ¨Scab.¨:)

Most typographers were educated, he did few years at the university in science but he ended up like his father and grandfather, typographer. I mention this because the house was full of books, encyclopedias, old magazines, newspapers etc.

Typogarphers had very good salary. He was able to buy a house in the middle of the fifties in a nice city beside Montreal where I grew up, Saint-Lambert.

This is what happens when you have good union and you fight for your right. The word good here is important. It should be like this everywhere.


¨The International Typographical Union (ITU) was a US trade union for the printing trade for newspapers and other media. It was founded on May 3, 1852, in the United States as the National Typographical Union, and changed its name to the International Typographical Union at its Albany, New York, convention in 1869 after it began organizing members in Canada. The ITU was one of the first unions to admit female members, admitting women members such as Augusta Lewis, Mary Moore and Eva Howard in 1869.

Typographers were educated, economically mobile, in every major urban center with newspapers, and had the unique possibility to influence publicity in favour of their cause. This led the union to the forefront of improving working conditions. ITU President W. B. Prescott led the ITU in 1897 to win a 48-hour work week and a standard wage scale for all printers. During the Great Depression, the ITU introduced the 40-hour work week across the industry at no cost to employers as a way to share the fewer jobs available. That ITU initiative spread to other unions and has since been codified across the labor sector by federal legislation in the US establishing the 40-hour work week...

As the work of typographers declined with automation, computers and mechanization of the print media, the ITU was disbanded. In 1986, a majority of ITU mailers voted to merge with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the remaining typographers joined the Communications Workers of America. Before its dissolution, the ITU was the oldest union in the United States.¨ Wikipedia. Read More

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Typographical_Union#:~:text=The%20International%20Typographical%20Union%20%28ITU%29%20was%20a%20US,the%20printing%20trade%20for%20newspapers%20and%20other%20media.- Wikipedia

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What an incredible comprehensive Labor policy presentation! We want that. That is powerful!

And it is what we need. Hence we need you Marianne!!

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The Williamson Administration 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Once again ... MARIANNE WILLIAMSON ... is only candidate with a laser focus on the work place ... with the intention that all Working Americans should be treated fairly!

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Gosh, I adore you, Marianne. You’ve been perhaps my most impactful spiritual leader and teacher for the last 18 years. Please reach out to and align with Bernie so that you can bring his massive support from the American people into your campaign. We need his numbers and his support to get BOTH of you into the White House. We need you both to align TOGETHER for the good of all humanity before it is too late. Unconditional love, which is holy light, to all who see this comment. 💝✝️🤗🙏🏻

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Love you president Williamson!

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Well said!

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Actually, "the demonization and suppression of organized labor" started long before Reagan as a clandestine but concerted effort. The dude just had to finish the "job". I'm not sure if we are already witnessing "a labor renaissance". But the first sprouts of what may become one are certainly "one of the few bright lights on our current horizon". Maybe the only bright light...

To bring in some historical perspective, the labor movement became the most crucial factor in the 30s. It would be a mistake to think that FDR instituted the New Deal out of the goodness of his heart. It was a political reaction to the power of militant labor grassroots sweeping the country. It was the only realistic way to introduce real change and rewrite the social contract then. And it's the only way to do it now...

No truly progressive politician stands a chance amid the entirely corrupt system. It's a pipe dream. Nothing like the above list of initiatives will ever be accepted within the Democratic party as you know it today. Because this organisation has nothing to do with anything democratic. Neither the Democratic nor Republican party, neither Senate nor Congress represent the people. None of those entities will miraculously change their ways and reform themselves. And they currently have a complete control over the political process...

So any candidate who refuses to admit and take that into account while developing their strategy is going nowhere. No politician - no matter how well-meaning - will be able to deliver anything on their own. As long as they promise you that, it's a con job. In this situation, any viable efforts would be inextricably connected with labor grassroots and involve organized direct action that have clear political demands. In other words, it’s not about progressive politicians helping the working people to have their movement and unions. It's about this new labor movement and rank-and-file unions helping real progressives to break the duopoly and ultimately the oligarchy itself. The situation is critical. So many people are in despair. So many people don't see any hope. But as soon as progressive initiatives get the support of a labor movement, this hope re-emerges and everything becomes possible...

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"Forces of unfettered capital must be met by an equally powerful counterforce, or capitalism becomes a weapon used to exploit and suppress working people.". Marianne

This is a very commendable unwavering stance. Same when with regard to the debt ceiling crisis you stated that you would not have negotiated with economic terrorists, ie , that man-Kevin McCarthy.

So... it's likely that somewhere along the campaign trail you are going to be asked the question: "Would you negotiate with a nuclear terrorist? "

Putin has been threatening to deploy nukes - clearly a desperation move since the invasion he swore up and down that was not going to mount, did not succeed in 3 days as planned. The fact that the Biden administration warned Zelensky, nevertheless that the invasion was imminent was characterized as neo con propaganda.

When you threaten to deploy nukes as Kim Jong has done, as Putin has done, that is nuclear terrorism. How would you negotiate or would you negotiate in the face of those repeated nuclear deployment threats ?Attack threats, not defensive measures to protect against these kinds of threats and invasions.

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The central banksters harnessed the people's labor long ago . Taxpayers = debt slaves.

We have an economic monopoly that owns the multinationals and runs the govts.

Its modern day slavery as for many labor is traded to pay for tax, food and rent nothing left over where as in the past the master provided food and rent.

Unions are corrupt top down.

If you try to impose any labor rules on a central bankster's multinational corp it will move to China .

If you actually want to see the end of a group exploiting other people's labor an inner change is required to do that

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