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A perilous moment and a cry from the heart

The world is waiting tonight, in a kind of death watch, as Israel prepares for a massive invasion of Gaza. While I understand Israel’s fury in reaction to last week’s terrorist attacks - I share it, actually - I cannot see where invading Gaza is going to do more than increase the cycle of hatred that already plagues the region. So many innocent citizens of Gaza, as well as Israelis, stand to lose their lives - and the question hangs in the air: What will this solve? What will come afterwards? How will this not intensify the horror?

Surely there is a better way.

I’m certain myriad world leaders are frantically trying to stave off this disaster, as any sophisticated person understands the danger this war could pose for everyone. The stakes and the risks are perilously high and not only for those in the Middle East. I’m praying that a miracle occur here, that a breakthrough appear, that some leader or diplomat somewhere has a brilliant idea that forges the path to a real solution.

A better way will emerge from the heart as well as from the brain. Despite it all, may love and justice prevail.


(By the way, if you didn’t read yesterday’s post here it is:

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