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Israelis killing Palestinians. Palestinians killing Israelis. Each side claiming that they are right. Each side holding onto ancient pain, each side unwilling be the first to let go, and coming up with all the reasons in the world why they can’t and won’t.

A tragic tale as old as humanity itself. Insanity passing as normality.

When will we wake up to the obvious fact that we are all the same Awareness in disguise? That no matter who we think we are, no matter what appearance we take, beyond our stories and histories, our religions, our nationalities, our beliefs, the colour of our skin, our heavy pasts and uncertain futures, we are all expressions of the One life.

That we are One family.

That in truth there are no Israelis or Palestinians, Jews or Christians, Muslims or Buddhists, Atheists or Agnostics, that those images and labels can never define us.

That who we truly are at the most fundamental level is indefinable, mysterious, never fixed or static, never separate from All else that exists, never defined by a label, just as the vast ocean can never be defined by its waves.

Awareness has no religion, and no nationality.

It gives birth to both Palestinians and Israelis.

As Awareness itself, when we hurt each other, we are only hurting our own brothers and sisters, our own kin, waves of ourselves.

We are only fighting reflections of our original Face.

That bleeding child is my own.

We are only killing the ones we love, ancient friends from long ago.

How much more bloodshed? How much more pain? How many more men, women and children must disappear before we wake up?

The Circle of Life takes no ‘sides’.


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TRUTH. Thank you. Marianne is probably the only candidate running who shares this same Awareness.

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Dearest Marianne, you do not understand evil and how it works. What you call the innocents are a part of the great injustice of the occupation there. There are a few Oblasts in Russia, these might be described as independent, autonomous regions that are primarily under Jewish control. There was no need to make an Israel. This was a far wiser solution for the Jews after the atrocities of WW2. Israel represents a stronghold for the western alliance of thugs. The US has 3000 military bases on your own soil, Alaska and the land that lies between Canada and Mexico. They have 800 other bases in other nations. Almost every nation on earth has a US military base, 100 in Germany that are active, 100 inactive. Wake up US, you are not a nation, but a corporation that serves the most evil military complex since the reign of Ghengis Khan. AI military, a military without any human conscience whatsoever, is here now and it will become the norm. This is your Karma for what your supposed "innocents" helped to create for the last 300 years and it began with the slaughtering of the First Nations people of Turtle Island. Satanists settled Turtle Island and they hid behind a very diminished notion of what Yeshua or Jesus came here to create. It is the good folk that protect the evil in these huge complexes of evil. Those who protect evil will suffer as well for their lack of courage, for living a contradiction. This is why we need a 3 loves world again, one where the warriors protect what is good and whole. Now our warriors protect all that is evil and this can end in nothing more than a planet at war everywhere, a prediction made by Albert Pike, in 1890, one of the more evil American's to have ever lived. A 36 degree Mason, a servant of Satan. He also predicted WW 1 and 2. Who protected Albert Pike??? All of the lower level masons that did some good here. We must escape contractions if we ever hope to save this most wonderful planet from needless suffering. We must start again and my 3 loves way can achieve this. Discernment first based on a mastery of the 3 reasons, proper order of the 3 loves, a love of our first mother, earth/ocean, next a love of each other as brother and sister - Agape, last comes the love of a partner. Next, we can celebration of our divine uniqueness the its 3 forms - musings, music and movement. 3 X 3 = 9. We need schools to teach our children the wisdom of this way. This is what could end the hostilities in Palestine/Israel. There is only one place on a living planet. Its an interconnected, amazing, flowing biosphere. It is everywhere and there's lots to share. Its greed and evil "legal" systems that create scarcity, the soil for war, hatred and all other manner of evil that lives and is taking over this planet. I could write all day and I hope and pray that you take these musings seriously, as well as your followers. We need a new way of living, right now, we only have ways of dying, lol and when you worship death and contradicted systems, you end up living in a similar fashion.

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"No wars can be won anymore."

Maitreya Buddha

"Love thy neighbor as thyself."


Jesus's Second Commandment

Love Joins All things.

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Thank you Marianne for focusing first and foremost on the unnecessary death of both peoples, the inhumane suffering people are experiencing. Secondly its important to remember, in the context of coming up with solutions, this is not a symetrical conflict. One side wields almost complete control over the other, and acts without consequences from the international community for its crimes and violations. This must stop, only then will we have the atmosphere where real solutions have a chance at becoming reality.

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Beautifully written

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The Zionist colonial project in Palestine has been a disaster for the world. Just as the French colonial project in Niger has failed, and they are leaving. So, too should the Zionists leave.

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Thank you Marianne for being a beacon of light...let us pray....

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If one would not go out and shoot a family of an ethnicity as "revenge" for an atrocity some members of that ethnicity committed, then one cannot excuse others who do the same. Holding yourself accountable while not holding others equally accountable for the same act you know in your heart is wrong is a twisted reasoning that is neither support nor loyalty. Having a reason is not the same thing as having an excuse. Trust yourself on this one, not the forces trying to convince you not to.

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Biden Sanders and Schumer should all be impeached because of the horrible crimes against Gaza this is sick no money should be sent to Israel not the yearly 3 billion and not the extra 12 billion we are supporting murder genocide and it is sick stop sending money to Israel arrest Netanyahu this is disgusting I don't want to be an American right now it is absurd we are supporting genocide stop genocide

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Beautifully and wisely stated as usual!

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Thank you Marianne. There is only one truth and I believe its staring us in the eye. People are blinded by fear and react with anger and rage. Marianne your honesty, awareness, compassion and heart are all qualities of a great leader. A leader that can bring light to blindness and the one truth as to why we inhabit this earth. We the people need to stand with you. I pray to God for your mission (and ours) to be accomplished. Again thank you Marianne.

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Thank you 🌈🙏🏽❤️🇮🇱☮️🇮🇱❤️🙏🏽🌈

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"Surely there is a better way." Marianne, please lay out your plan for how you would address this if you were president. There could not be a better moment to share how you would respond as president to this or any other international crisis.

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Thank you. hard to keep breathing... and having the faith and hope that only love and forgiveness can bring. Changing the direction on an oncoming train... whew! If the 'engineers' of revenge /retaliation would but shut it down... God loves us all.

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I believe way too much credit is given above to world leaders. They are rarely about finding real solutions to real problems - especially nowadays, no? Name one you'd put your trust in if it was a life and death matter that concerned you personally? And it's hardly the right time to go on about miracles. Those are even rarer - this is why they are called so. Also, waiting for someone else to save the day or a miracle to come in a crisis aren't exactly the ways and qualities of a person that aspires to meaningful leadership, are they?

Some fundamental societal questions arise here as well. Ms Williamson seems to suggest that ordinary folks aren't really responsible for what their countries do as a whole. That is very strange. Who is? For instance, both Israel and the U.S. are supposed democracies. The majority of their electorate would probably vehemently dismiss the very idea that they're living in a dictatorship. But in this case how could they be not responsible for the outcomes of their elections? For actions then undertaken by those who they vote into power? And, at the end of the day, for the entirety of choices they make as social actors in general as well as citizens of their countries specifically? As long as this mindset prevails, the situation is hopeless. Let's look at it from a practical perspective now. Do Israelis want to kill Palestinians? They don't. Do Palestinians want to kill Israelis? They don't. Do Americans want them to exterminate each other? No, they don't. Then how come it’s happening on a daily basis? Why those great "world leaders" are allowed to make decisions and execute actions that are in direct contradiction with the wishes and aspirations of the majority of people? Doesn't it mean that something is so very wrong with this system itself? And unless that is addressed, no real solution to any serious problem would be possible? It is indeed an international matter. It's not for world leaders to settle, though. But rather for people everywhere who should wake up, embrace their responsibility, and start to approach this whole mess a bit more seriously. Hopefully, through their individual actions, not prayers and waiting for miracles. While they still have a chance...

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"Miracles" happen every instant. Oftentimes we don't see them. Since, as you pointed out, we can't rely on world leaders (who, by the way, DO NOT represent the people who supposedly "elected them"), then I see "Miracles" (Divine Intervention) as really the ONLY hope. An awakening to What We Really Are, and that we are all One. To hurt another is to hurt ourselves. Marianne is possibly the only candidate running who truly understands what she really is, and what we all are. This is not fluff and fantasy; this is Truth, and many of us see it.

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"Miracles" happen every instant? Really? In this case, you're going to have to come up with definitions and some actual examples. Otherwise, it IS precisely that - "fluff and fantasy". Indulging in which would be particularly irresponsible at this moment...

I can give you my angle... I certainly wouldn't argue with the idea that reality at large can be described as magical. Let's be exact about what it means, however. Here's my example... You know Kubrick, right? He's often asked about Monoliths from his "Odyssey" - what are they? what do they represent? Are they God? Stanley always answered to this effect: "OK, we have this infinite universe. Let's say there are others out there. Let's say some of them are infinitely more advanced. Let's say some attained levels of consciousness that allow them to do telepathy, telekinesis and exist out of time. They would effectively have all the attributes of God then. And to us, they'd be indistinguishable from gods". This is a piece of art, so it should be taken a bit metaphorically. But it's a good metaphor. In this sense, miracles are totally possible. In this sense, there are no limits...

But that's not what we are talking about here. We are talking about the domain of the social. No miracles here, at all. The only way how this domain could "miraculously" change as a whole is if everyone it comprises got at that advanced level of consciousness individually. Which is evidently not the case. So every positive social change was accomplished through strenuous efforts and sacrifices of thousands and millions of people. Slavery wasn't abolished by miracle. WW2 wasn't won by miracle. Yes, those "elected" don't represent "We the People". But that's entirely on the electorate. Or to be more precise, on the vast majority of it who choose to sit on their asses and wait for a miracle...

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"The only way how this domain could "miraculously" change as a whole is if everyone it comprises got at that advanced level of consciousness individually." Correct!! And that is where you are exactly right.

My question: Does it have to change all at once? You're right, slavery was not abolished by one single miracle, but by the shift in consciousness of enough people. By the opening of enough hearts to the idea that all people are equal. By enough hearts with compassion for the people who were enslaved.

I've heard (read?) that it only takes a 10% shift in consciousness to create change. (I might not have that number exactly right, but it was something like that.) Maybe the reason for that, is that the vast majority are inactive; perhaps due to apathy, hopelessness, fear, or ...DISBELIEF that anything could change.

"We Will See It When We Believe It". Magic exists in the Belief.

I know the narratives would choose to keep us down, and would choose to keep us from realizing that we are all magical beings with far more power than most of us know. We are manipulated from all angles to NOT SEE Who We Truly Are.

But I think we need to start believing in magic and "miracles". Divine intervention is Love; it's when we humans stand up for each other and the planet, and that does happen every instant.

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Yes, that observation is probably correct. The problem is, it's extremely unlikely to happen - if we put it in the most hopeful way possible. At the end of the 19th century, Nietzsche said that he was starting to believe that people happened to look at things in certain ways not because they were ignorant, but because they made such a choice. In 2023, we don't have to guess anymore. We KNOW that his words proved to be 100% prophetic. That's an incontrovertible fact by now. Denying it is irresponsible at best and nefarious at worst. So I wouldn't say that people are "all magical beings". The correct way to put it is to say that each one individually can try to BECOME one. But this is definitely not something that happens "all at once". It's a lifetime journey. And how many will even try? So this thing exists as a purely abstract possibility, but it'll never actually come into existence. The vast majority of people are not on their way to the Star Child. And it will not fall out of the sky by the grace of a Savior...

But the good news is it would not be necessary. If we get back to the subject of the social and stay with it, your words make lots of sense. If you define "divine intervention" simply as humans "standing up for each other" led by the calling of their heart, it would be close to the ways of Early Christians before the whole thing was "institutionalised" by the Church, wouldn't it? And it's a beautiful outlook. If people shared it, it would be Paradise on Earth. But again, it's not the case. I'm sure such "miracles" do happen every instant somewhere in the world. But precisely like that - like miracles. Like singular amazing manifestations of human spirit. But human nature is quite a different thing. So they've little to do with the ways of our society at large. And those ways have little to do with propaganda or brainwashing. Unfortunately, they are nothing more and nothing less than the sum total of individual and totally deliberate choices. So if the idea is to introduce proper social change, everyone is gonna have to start making proper choices and back them up with action...

Which, basically, was the whole point of both my reply to you and original comment. Of course, any "journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Of course, you would need to believe that something is possible in order to accomplish it. Yes, this social thing is fixable. But at some point, you will have to ACT. Slavery was not abolished just by the "shift in consciousness". It also took a civil war and real sacrifices of a great many people. At the end of the day, it's always about action. Take this critical situation with Gaza, for instance. As a progressive presidential candidate of Jewish descent, Ms Williamson is uniquely positioned to participate in attempts aimed at peaceful resolution. But what has she done? What have her real actions been so far? Meaning apart from two outright contradictory public statements? And if there were none...what are we talking about here?

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I'm sorry; I left a lot out of my answer. Your answer is far more detailed than mine was.

So the unspoken part of my answer (one of them) is that we would make the best and highest choices - hopefully - from that place of Awareness. That we would ACT. (I left that out as assumed.)

Do you know that you are a magical being? (I hate to use the word "magical", as it sounds so fluffy, but... you realize you are much more than a body and a mind, right?) Have you ever felt a moment, in nature perhaps, as connected to all things, and to something bigger, something both outside and inside of yourself? Maybe a realization that we are all One being? That you and I and even every person we disagree with is still a part of this one, bigger being.... no separation ... just as our trillions of cells are all different aspects of our one body.

When we get to that place, we realize that to hurt another being is to hurt ourselves. As more and more people evolve to that awareness, I think we will see a radical shift in the world. It won't happen overnight, but I believe it is happening already. Actually, it has been happening all along.

You mentioned Star Children. I think most of the souls coming in now are at a much different level of awareness than say, our great great grandparents. People automatically understand concepts now that would have been totally alien to those earlier generations. I mean can you imagine the people in say, the revolutionary war period, talking about co-creating their realities, or manifesting abundance?

Last week a friend of mine told me she had a hard time giving out dental kits to the kids that came in for their cleanings, because they were made of plastic! I was thrilled to hear that. (She said it was a pain - and i get that - but think about that!) Such is their concern for the ocean and landfills, that they did not want to use ANY plastic. They were 8 YEARS OLD.

So....we are evolving. We may not see the world at peace in our lifetimes, but I believe it is coming. It is always darkest before the dawn, my friend.

And all we need to do in each moment is make the choice, when it is presented (as it always is!) to act out of Love, instead of Fear. And to me, that is the stuff of "miracles".

(Nature is a miracle too... or maybe just "magical".) ;)

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And yet you really chose not to address a single point in my "detailed" answer...including my main question at the end of it. Since I don't see much sense in conversations where two parties talk to themselves, I will just draw your attention to a couple of things that, I'd think, should be obvious to anyone with even marginal "awareness" without any outside help at all. "We are evolving"? OK, let's have a good look around. The global financial system is effectively a Ponzi scheme which is inevitably going to wind up in the same way as all previous ones. The global economy is based on infinite consumption and literally killing the planet. War is perpetual because it is an integral part of the system and one of its principal tools for maintaining the status quo. Politics are the "circus" part of that "bread and circuses" phrase. The mainstream media is nothing but the Ministry of Truth... And several billions of "magical beings" are totally going along with this lethal stuff. In what strange universe do such things indicate "evolving"? Society is degenerating with the speed of light. And it is not devolving into any kind of Paradise of Awareness. It's headed for a systemic collapse and social hell. None of these things will resolve themselves. Just like delusions do not constitute the road to awakening. I was under the impression that Ms Williamson's campaign was all about trying to do something about the current precarious state of affairs. That's what she states on every occasion, doesn’t she? Which brings us back to our main subject. What has she done about the situation in question in practical terms as a progressive presidential candidate over the course of two weeks? You do realize that while we are indulging in these lovely esoteric meanderings here, people - including 8 year old children - are actually dying in Gaza, right? And hundreds of them will never be able to do the right thing about plastic...because they're ALREADY dead?

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