I learned today our federal government subsidizes the fossil-fuel industry even more than defense spending--using our tax dollars for credits, loans, incentives, and tax breaks! These two interlocking sectors have extraordinary power. The people must demand quick action and not tinker while they destroy our only home planet! Marianne is the only candidate with the moral fiber willing to stand up to them and modify our tax codes against handouts to the already super wealthy destroyers.

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If it were only that simple. The media is saturated with violence at every turn, and the current generation has grown up on it in their faces, as normal. Turn on TV and there are guns, violence, hate, murder and meanness at every turn. We need to teach love and kindness first, show by example. Without that understanding, people won't get it. And people wonder why kids turn to violence. That's what they're taught via media and video games. And those kids become adult politicians....or prisoners. Or both.

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Ending the war would be a great symbolic gesture to the world and it would resonate throughout every fiber of the living web.

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So true - So true. One thing I would like to do is promote a book titled, "Community: The Structure of Belonging". There is a difference in 'fitting in' and 'belonging'. The requirement to fitting in is usually giving up yourself to please other people. The requirement for belonging is being your Authentic Self and sharing your gifts and talents with those around you. That's the world I want to live in and that is a far cry from the controlling, dominant, bullying of our country now. This book speaks about building communities that create the world of peace that Marianne is speaking about. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result - we can't continue having a mentality of war and think that's going to lead to a world of peace.

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Its the addiction to fear

The cause of violence is the choice of fear.

When only love is real

We only have to monitor ourselves, our inner state .

Be in Love( not fear)

To teach only love

Even our belief in fear( violence) or an illusion causes fear, makes it seem more than a phantom that it is.

(In the dream the central banking nation State system as an authority is indeed dysfunctional and its only now so many can see that, hopefully enough to prevent a reset)

Lets not keep on doing the same thing, voting for it and expecting different results, giving it the authority over us (making it into a God which is idolatry).

Doing the same thing over and over will not bring change.

This revolution is an inner one.

For only that will change the outer manifestations.

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Perhaps teaching peaceful conflict resolution in our schools might begin a foundation that could build from kindergarten through graduate education. Privatized penal facilities do not focus on rehabilitation. Our national, state and local penal systems, as a general rule, do not either. I am not familiar with any law enforcement agencies that require their new recruits to take and pass a M. M. P. I. before they complete training and are sworn in as officers. This may also apply to Officers of the Court Systems , candidates that run for elected office locally, statewide or federally. President Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of the Corporate/Industrial and Military complex. Taylor Caldwell wrote "Captains and the Kings" in the early 70's of the dangers of our planet being controlled by a small group of wealthy powerful individuals who could gather together and plan how this world would be run. The idea of how this nation decided that Democracy was a fine system to establish as a way of life, has been tested over the last nearly 250 years. Most forms of government do not last that long. Where do we go from here?

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I love you Ms Williamson because you’re the real deal. Love and let love. Sadly that’s not the world we live in.

If you want to really deal a blow to our societal decay that leads to so much violence you will need to for a “Department of Fatherhood”. Invest in men and in fathers. The destruction of the family is the root of many of our social ills.

The patriarchy is what we need. It works. Always has worked.

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