Please contact Zach Bush MD. He has a significant following with respect to this topic.

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Beautifully said, may it be so! Healthy mind soul body earth! Making profits while causing harm to the earth humanity has to stop.

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Thank you, Marianne, for running and opening the publics' eyes to what is really happening on our society. Blessings!

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I could not agree with you more...........the country desperately needs you as President.

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Bravo Marianne !!! Fully with you on this.

If you can, please also address this


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I am a board member of the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). NCAT.org We do a lot of work on: helping and supporting small and low-income farmers; helping and supporting local and regional food systems; and promoting renewable energy solutions. Check it out. I think you will like to see what we’re doing.

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The govt taking one of the core responsibility to feed (nurture) children off parents

with the food in school system( also set up for profit and tax credits ) is not the answer .

We have that expensive unhealthy food for profit( =govt as a parent)

It does not solve the problem of increased poverty, family breakdown, institutional corruption.

The retail food monopoly is set up for profits of the central bankers multinationals big ag, plus their the retail food companies.

The govt pays farmers not to grow things, hmmm Monsanto and its ungodly seed practices has not been mentioned.

Food inflation is also a factor where the same players jack up the prices simultaneously.

Families have regressed broken down

But the bottom line is humanity's state of consciousness .

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On another tack, how about a campaign -- or laws if we could pass them -- so there are no more decorative lawns but people people plant fruits and vegetables?

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I can’t wait to see your Cabinet!!! It’s gonna be a beautiful thing❤️

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