Marianne, your talk with Harvey Kaye is uplifting! I grew up with a mother whose parents were immigrants from Eastern Europe. She often spoke of those Depression-era days, and how her family gathered around the radio to attentively listen to FDR during his fire-side chats. His death was a great blow to her father, who deeply wept about the President's passing. FDR was so helpful to people--now we're facing an unperiled nightmare with weak leaders worldwide. Also, Dwight David Eisenhower was a hero of mine as a kid. When I was 12-years-old, well, unbeknownst to me my pastor sent President Eisenhower a prayer I had written for him. Then, I got a letter from Ike (as we called him as well as two of our pups named after him too). Eisenhower wrote to me that I had helped him through a trying day. He signed the letter himself since there were no automatic signatures then. Today, I find our days increasingly heartbreaking since our nation has fallen so far from decency, social manners, and reverence for life. But I will not give up, but if I do, well, that means I've left the country for one with better ethics and morals not tied to greed, power, domination, and competition. This must stop! With loving regards to all.

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Brilliant conversation between you and Harvey Kaye! This was as great - or greater - than any college class on American history I’ve ever had.

Good to know we once had a President who cared about the needs of the people - it’s time we had one once again. Marianne 2024? ❤️🇺🇸♥️

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FDR famously said, “Go out there and make me do it!” In other words, mobilize public will for change.

I have innovative ideas as to how to do that. They combine Donella Meadows insights into the importance of shifting paradigms, Feldenkrais insights into improving the functioning of the central nervous system, and the overarching goal of transitioning to a life-affirming culture that a number of different writers articulate.

I would be pleased to be interviewed by you!

Andrew Gaines

Inspiring Transition



Greta Thunberg will have reason to hope when she sees that mainstream society is committed to turning things around.

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I thoroughly enjoyed and was educated from this conversation! Great interaction between the two of you! Ty!

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My father too lived through the Depression and served in WWII. I also remember him saying FDR was the greatest president. I am inspired by your talk with Mr. Kaye. I'm grateful there are people such as yourself and your friend Harvey Kaye that have read, studied and have conversations that sheds light and educates the public on how our country could change and bring hope to us all. Thank you Marianne for opening our eyes, ears and hearts.

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I am English and have lived here all my life so anything I say about the USA should be read with that acknowledgement in mind. I enjoyed this podcast but wanted to say something about Eisenhower. He was undoubtedly a very great war leader and in many ways from what I have read an excellent president. But he also began a tradition of deliberately and covertly destroying nascent but healthy democracies in other parts of the world simply because although in no case was communism a powerful force in these countries, it was feared that because they were genuinely democratic communists might get a toehold. I am thinking primarily of Guatemala and the Congo where the CIA arranged for the fall and assassination of Lumumba as is now well documented. Eisenhower had no qualms about this, as the cold war escalated in the fifties.

You can see why. Stalin wanted communism to take over the world. It was official Leninist policy. If we are going to judge politicians we should try and imagine what the world looked like to them in their time and remember the pressures on them. It is easy to be critical of Obama and Biden but from this side of the pond using the best information I can get the pressures on them have been complex and massive.

But the cold war led the USA to take a series of decisions over many years leading right up to the refusal to talk to Putin twenty years ago about Russia joining NATO etc etc. which lost Putin to us as a friend and made him an enemy.

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