OMG, Marianne, if anyone could say what needs to be said right now, you just did! Thank you for articulating the deeper “lesson” to be learned from this tragic situation and its aftermath. 💕

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Nov 22, 2021Liked by Marianne Williamson

This is a masterpiece.

Out of the dozens of articles I've read and the dozens of news shows and talk shows and podcasts I’ve listened to where this case has been discussed and dissected, this is the highest truth and most powerful and worthwhile insight I’ve heard.

You could write almost the same letter to the (painfully) biased judge who shares the responsibility for the two victims losing their lives "all over again."

Thanks for your unending brilliance and all you do for our country. You are such a pure channel for truth.

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Oh Marianne-this gave me shivers!! because of the power of the Truth in it and you express it with so much clarity and wisdom. Let us hope this will be a springboard for transformation for him and the world. Your work and service are a complete inspiration.

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Nov 22, 2021Liked by Lauren Selsky

I don't know, I read some intensely negative comments here and I wondered if perhaps I had missed something, and so I re-read and no, it's a salient and compassionate perspective. If KR were to read this and take to heart it's actual meaning... it would begin to undo some of the social damage we've endured, and it is the only thing that can begin to atone for Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum being taken.

I think to absorb and spread a negative take on this letter kind of proves the need for it, in a larger sense.

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Dear Marianne,

You wrote a powerful letter on the same day former U.S. President John F. Kennedy was shot dead. And your encouragement of Rittenhouse needing to understand love and an abiding God is well taken. Yet, destructive-style behaviors are escalating throughout society--compounded recently when Darrell E. Brooks, age 39, of Milwaukee, WI drove his SUV through a Christmas parade killing five innocents and injuring numerous others with kids now in ICUs! Brooks did this, apparently, following a domestic disturbance. So, indeed, these are moments when all Americans really need to start looking deeply within themselves for answers to heal our world.

As you always emphasize, Marianne, there's is the deep connection between the mind and the heart. But apparently there's been a huge disconnect over the past few decades, whereby people are having knee-jerk responses during activities of daily living with deadly consequences!

I praise your leadership Marianne during these troubling years! I only hope our country and others as well realize we cannot continue living with these behaviors and still remain whole or sane--this extends to Mother Earth too. Our treatment of her is similar! You outlined the only way: love and atonement with the guiding forgiveness of a loving God who still reigns.

Thank you Marianne for an exruciating yet heartfelt letter.

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Yes! I hope he hears the truth you are sharing.

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Thank you for finding the words, I could not. You are the best MW. xo

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Thank you for these words! We will see what he chooses and I hope he has an opportunity to read your letter.

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Thanks for sharing Marianne. Some will disagree but that’s ok because at least you shared this letter publicly which means you came from a place of love and not fear. We are so quick to judge because TRUTH is so uncomfortable. I admire all that you do. Keep going.

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This is true compassion

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I choose no sides on this topic as I know that this is between Kyle and God. However, I want you to be really honest with yourself Marianne. Is he your child? You wrote if he profits from any of this he would have that on his hands. So I ask you, what are you profiting from? More likes? More shares? More email signups? More people to buy your books because you wrote an article around all this pain? Pay very close attention to how you are compromising yourself as well. I agree LOVE is what will set us free and sooner you figure out what the truly means the better we all will be. Look in your house, what is still sticking to you? We cannot have external peace if we cannot find it internally. We are carrying lifetimes of pain because a majority of humanity has still not figured it out. Love says how can we heal together. What is it that I need to forgive. Forgive... for giving back to God to work out for the highest good of all because I know longer wish to carry it. I was asked to forgive everyone regardless of what they did and that is exactly what I have been working on for years. It has definitely not been easy however it is worth it.

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Prayers for heAling on all sides. This is true of every young man/ person with a gun. have you seen the trial footage of what happened that night? And all the details involved. It is not as simple as the media portrays. I pray that everyone takes some time to see how they are part of this creation. I do know he will carry this on his path, and I do not support young ones with guns and this is more complex.

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Ty Marianne, May this letter find it's way to Kyle's heart.

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I thank God for the way he speaks through you, for your willingness to be the vessel for his word. This was truly inspired. Truth with a capital T.

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Dearest Marianne,

I think I understand the gravity and broader ramifications of

this case, given Americ's ongoing problems with gun violence, and I see how that cultural trauma might have precipitated this letter. I'm sorry America is suffering with this issue yet again.

But however well meaning, I found your letter startlingly accusatory. Worse, I found it disingenuous.

Was the point sincerely to publicly help a 17 yr old boy find his way to redemption and peace after the lifetime of pain he has brought on himself with one impulsive decision? Is this the way ACIM teaches us to bring peace?

"You can have redemption, insert name, if you truly understand how guilty you are, how bloody your hands are, how stained your soul - and you spend every day trying to make up for that wretched guilt. I tell you this for your own good. You may have escaped (insert punishment) but you have not escaped guilt and it will follow you for life. I see it. I call you on it. Be careful not to forget it for a single moment. In no way prosper. If you do, all is lost for your soul."

Is this what ACIM teaches? Because I think not. Not because Kyle isn't guilty. Really, that is not for any one of us to say. But because we're all equally guilty. We are one. And we all make horrible mistakes that cause wretched suffering for ourselves and others. A hundred thousand ways we do this every day, all around the world.

Which is worse? To shoot down a stranger with a gun or shoot down a lover or family member with words? In both cases we do it because we perceive danger. Both victims are left bleeding. We know death is only an illusion.

ACIM teaches that we are ALL INNOCENT. Forever. We must see the innocence in each other. We are the innocent son of God who has fallen asleep and forgotten his innocence, his true identity. We must help each other awaken to it.

I think if we were to remember that our words to Kyle might be more like this:


You may feel in your heart in secret where nobody knows or will ever see that you are tainted by the blood you have spilled. I can't even imagine what that must be like. I know it will likely haunt you for life. And you are yet so young. I'm very sad to think of it and all the pain that came out of that night - for so many.

You may even punish yourself more because you escaped punishment.

But please remember no matter how horrible the guilt you feel at times, God loves you and sees your innocence. He forgives you for all the mistakes you have made or will ever make. You are clean and holy in God's eyes. And you are free! You now have a second chance at life. I hope and pray that it will be a blessed, happy, spirit filled life. I pray your pain will becone your passion and you will find a way to make sense of all this suffering and be your best self in spite of it; to bring the gifts inside of you yet to share with the world.


Your sister in Christ.

I think this letter has far more power to inspire wholeness and love - which is where the miracles happen.


Nonie De Long

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I have to disagree with your thoughts Marianne...and am a little disappointed. Considering what is going on in our country right now, and more so in August 2020, i can understand how a 17 year old would want to help people in the city where his Mother lives, where he worked, and the burning of kenosha without police protection. I am not calling him a hero, but what happened to him has caused an awakening that law enforcement is not a bad thing, and that in this country, you have the right to defend yourself when attacked. He has nothing to repent for.....even ACIM would say that. You may not know about the state of Wisconsin and the law, but take a look at the Steven Avery Case, and Netflix Documentary "Making a Murderer"........you want to talk about corruption! Steven Avery was framed from start to finish, and should be a free man.

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