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YES - YES - YES - I have been a Social Worker in Child Protection and it was the most traumatizing job I've ever had - after working 12 years in Corrections! Our Child Protection System is the breeding ground for the jail and prison system - and it's working exactly like it's intended to work, creating dependency to keep people in survival mode because our government agencies are funded by the number of people they serve. There is no strong exit plan to get out of this system because the agencies would lose funding if the numbers went down. Everything I hear from Marianne is about caring about the welfare of the child and that would turn the Department of Human Services upside down - and that's exactly what is needed!!!

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Department of Children and Youth would be good around the world. As you said "Our children in far too many ways are being set up not to win, but to fail."

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We need to educate the adults as to importance of education and care of children! But, YES!

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Yes MW! We need to protect our children from Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Oil, basically curb all the corporate greed that is profiting off their loss of health and joy, actually we need to protect all of us from this!

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Children are our most precious resource. What we expose our kids to equals success, delight and dignity or failure, wasted lives, suffering and devastation in the future. And in the present as well. The only other thing that is of equal importance is the health of and care for Earth.

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#womenslivesmatter Always have, always will.

#DisruptTheCorrupt. On it. This has been my post vision 2020 assignment.


It’s glorious.

Mitch Manning

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Agreed. We must create awareness of and envy (ugh; but we’re so good at it let’s leverage it to our advantage) for the way Scandinavian nations welcome their babies, nurture their new families, make BRAIN-BUILDING paid family leave, state-supported childcare, and more, THE national priority. Or a top priority. We are so cruel to mothers. CRUEL. Blaming and shaming and taking away their children for neglect and abuse when the corporations (plantations) have set it all up for them/us to fail by treating the workforce the way people who enslaved people did in the 1600-1860’s: squeeze as much out of them for as little as possible until they die.

This is NOT who we are.

Love you for “waking us the hell up” Marianne. Want to work for/with you.

Carey Sipp

(Look me up on LinkedIn; I could help!)

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I am returning to the workforce after a decade of being able to be home with my 11 year old daughter. I am fortunate to have been able to be home with her but I like many women take an economic hit when we elect to try to do what’s best for our children from birth onward. I was thinking today after our new hire training orientation on the job how sad it is that so many women who are over retirement age but now without husbands due to death and divorce and can’t afford to not work even with SSN. Like me, they have 0 in many prime childbearing years. What removing the upper limits on SSN for the highest earners and contributing a Basic Universal Income for a “caregiver” upon birth (mother or father or grandparent) and then giving a SSN credit to the non-working parent on top of the Basic Income so when/if they reach retirement age they might be able to live off their income without continuing to work unless they want to work for other reasons.

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The huge problem is the human trafficking of children, mostly under the flag of the Goverment at the US borders with the immigrants.

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You’re going to blame capitalism for children’s problems. Totally unhinged.

We need fathers, community, church, values, morals and honor. We don’t need more government theft and grooming.

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Why not build your\our Department of Children and Youth outside of the current limitations of our own government? Why wait until you're President❓ This is work on the scale of a Hundred Year Plan. Our children deserve more than the limitations that a single presidency or even two terms, would come with.

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Marianne, this is why I'm a Fan. 🌟 "Why is childhood in America such a trauma for millions of our children?" In no small part it is because our national emotional dis-empowerment has created generations of boys, young men, and men who were born and live with, emotional handcuffs. This is one of our biggest opportunities to take our children's ability to live deeply meaningful lives and give it back to them. Teach all our children to compassionately live with their emotional selves. Teach them to embrace each others emotional trials that are a part of everyday life. Teach them to Love one another. ISBN 0-06-250300-6, pages 148 - 151. We are far more capable of living our with Higher Loving self, if we become good at caring for our own emotional self. By caring for my emotional self, those around me have more space to do so themselves.

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Powerful and visionary. Thank you! I pray for a day when I see you in the White House with such amazing policy initiatives.

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I am going to disagree Marianne the last thing we need is more govt . In Apartheid State of New Zealand we have such a dept CYF. It is horrific it takes large amounts of public funding and goes the way of all govt agency's ignores child abuse and danger warnings , it puts kids into abusive foster situations and State care. Parents have their roles usurped by nanny State who now even feeds them high cost garbage at school.

Without a change in consciousness the same deep dysfunction remains in all govt .

Of course little kids are traumatized, the covid media campaign was non stop terror for over a year .

Then the Blackrock hedge fund climate campaign that told them " you have no future" and a number of other scary stories.

The dysfunctional State system is crumbling, it is not the answer to feed it and continue as a fat caterpillar. letting those that made the problems try to solve them.

Parents ability to look after their own kids and cohesion of family have been whittled away at by the State policies for decades

The only problem is unconsciousness.

And we only need to monitor our own inner state and be the change we want to see. And wisdom and love it will spread just as this insanity has been.

Everyone must come first. Elderly ,babies, children , adults no ones needs placed above or below- equanimity.

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Palestinian-Jewish Solidarity Statement :


Urgent Action Israel/Palestine. Read and Sign the Statement.

Solidarity with Palestinians and Jews

This statement is written and signed by Palestinians, Jews, and others who are committed to holding complex truths and striving to overcome polarization. We feel the pain of our people, identify with their pain, and need to work together to uplift our shared humanity.

The unfolding horror in Israel and Gaza is an escalation of decades of state-sanctioned violence by Israel against Palestinians. We condemn the horrific actions of Hamas against Israeli civilians. We likewise condemn Israel’s unbridled bombing and cutting off access to all basic needs, including food, water, electricity, and medical care. Attacks on Palestinian and Israeli civilians are repugnant.

Israeli violence against Palestinians has been intentionally hidden, slow, and steady. Contrary to what the media is reporting, this attack was not unprovoked. The Israeli and American governments have worked together to suppress and deny the inhumane acts against Palestinians that have led to this moment. There are Palestinians and Jews who have been raising red flags and warning about this inevitable outcome for decades, only to be dismissed and ignored.

The world’s failure to challenge Israel’s ongoing occupation, apartheid, and unbridled violence by settlers and soldiers in the West Bank provides the context for what is happening now. The recent Israeli government’s escalation of violence, encroachment of Al Aqsa Mosque, and its 16-year siege of Gaza has led to the current explosion.

We repeat: the brutality of Hamas’ attack on Israeli civilians is unjustified.

As we watch the violent attacks and rallying of xenophobia on both sides, we are brokenhearted. Although it feels like a time to stand with “our people,” we know this is a time to come together. This is a time of great suffering for all; a time of painful emotions. It is only by recognizing our shared fears and our shared tears that we will find our way through this nightmare. It is a struggle we need to undertake jointly.

When we fall back into our separate and distinct identities we risk becoming part of the problem, not the solution. Both peoples suffer from ongoing trauma. We are all on high alert. The fear is palpable. And it is easy for us to objectify the 'other.'

We seek a third path that neither perpetuates a xenophobic response nor sustains an unjust status quo. This moment calls us to slow down, sit with the pain and complexity, and grapple with our discomfort. It is a moment for digging deep, seeing across differences, and remembering our deep yearning for peace and justice. It is only through compassion and empathy that we will find a different way.

We recognize and uplift the humanity of all peoples in Israel/Palestine.

We call for an immediate ceasefire from Hamas and Israel.

We demand that basic needs be provided to Gazans.

We demand that the United States provide only humanitarian support to Israel and Gaza.

We support the creation of a movement that recognizes and affirms the humanity, dignity, and desire of both peoples to live in peace through reconciliation and justice.


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