The received this message on Easter 23 years ago and asked to share it with the world.

We awaken this Easter Morning with the opportunity to begin again

to complete our Passover from the bondage of fear and doubt and pain, to the Freedom of Love and Hope and Peace.

Reborn, Re-Created, Resurrected Every Moment.

The death of each preceding moment proclaims the birth

of the present, perfect, Pascal Moment.

And in this Moment-to-Moment adventure of life,

every time we Intentionally choose Love;

Healing Joyful Love streams forth from us into the World.

In every new moment of every new day

exists the truth and the promise

of renewal, resurrection and rebirth.

This is not a rebirth from death, but a re-awakening,

a re-empowerment, a revelation of the newness of now.

The entire potential of the Universe exists totally, completely and ONLY

in this moment...in this eternity.

Each day could be our re-awakening to Love.

How to go about Loving today could be our only question. And when we ask, the answer will come instantly.

The Resurrected Christ in every one of us is ever present and available to guide us in Love.

In any situation we can ask, “What would Love do now.”

If we would only remember to ask, the answers will be given.

If we would only learn to listen, we will hear the voice of our true nature. If we would only choose act on the guidance we receive;

we would live inspired and powerful lives

that bring peace to ourselves and to the world

Today we could choose Love before, above, and instead of all else. There is really only one other choice.

We have made that other choice many times in the past.

The result was always the same.

Choosing fear has only brought us conflict. Choosing Love has only brought us Peace.

Choosing fear has only brought us despair and indifference. Choosing Love has only brought us Hope and Compassion. Choosing fear has only brought us anger and conflict. Choosing Love has only brought us Reconciliation and Peace.

Each of us must in every moment make the choice to Love or Fear

No one can choose for us.

Forgive and forget the choices of the past. Choose Now. Choose Love

this moment and the next and the next and the next.

Awaken today to a Dawn of Trust.

Open our Hearts to see with the eyes of Compassion.

This Easter Morning let us accept the resurrection that we celebrate as our own.

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Very much agree that new energies are now at play to discard what is no longer needed. Maybe it's just me, but things feel different and new again in a way I haven't felt in a long time.

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Thank you Marianne. My shoulders finally dropped and I let out a long breathe. It is time to celebrate!

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Indeed, it's a time to celebrate when realizing we can be renewed and restored with thoughts of love for ourselves and others. And service to others is key--knowing they are "no other"! We are brothers and sisters on Earth and we can transform existence. Let the magnification begin.

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Today is a day to … CELEBRATE … EVERY MOMENT OF FORGIVENESS … EVERY WORD OF LOVE … EVERY STAND FOR JUSTICE … may they be … Magnified ... A MILLIONFOLD … In Us … and … In All The World … Thank You … Happy Easter!

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May God’s Will be done.

Thank you Marianne you have a blessing to all of us.

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Keep fighting the good fight Marianne!



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MAW does have a

wonderful way of uniting our hearts, without judgement AND bringing forth connection. I hope to vote for her in our elections.

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New life. New beginnings. New hope. All these things. And so it is, Amen.

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". . . in us and in all the world." And so be it. Amen. <3

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Beautiful. Thank you.

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Amen and Amen!

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Transformation is clearly required...

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Amen! 🙏💕🙏

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