The Power of Forgiveness and the Reality of Time

The way to heal our lives and the way to heal our world

This article is a spiritual reflection on how time operates, and why every moment - and every situation - is an opportunity for a new beginning.

We’re talking about metaphysics here, which means “greater than the physical.” While what I’m writing is based on the principles in A Course in Miracles, the Course itself is based on universal spiritual themes. Metaphysical principles belong to no one particular teaching, but rather run throughout all great spiritual and religious source material. No religion or philosophy has a monopoly on Truth.

At this moment in history, an important confluence is emerging within our understanding. In studying metaphysics, we’re not just learning about that which is greater than the material world; we’re also learning more about the material world. For the material world is a projection of the mind. The “laws of the universe” and the “laws of consciousness” are in fact the same thing! That’s why in ACIM it says that “religion and psychotherapy are at their peak the same thing.” The spiritual journey is a healing of the mind.

The past and future exist only in our mind. Think about that an instant, if you will. Where is your past? Can you touch it, smell it, see it? Certainly you can react to it emotionally, but only because it exists in your mind.

There is only one point in time that you can inhabit materially, and that is the present moment. In spiritual terms, God’s time intersects linear time at only one point: now. And that moment is always here, for we are always living in it. That point at which God’s time meets linear time is called eternity. To say that someone “lived happily ever after” means they learned to live each moment with God. God is the one unalterable reality, which is Love.

That is the meaning, and the power, of forgiveness.

In ACIM, it says “we are reborn every moment we do not bring the past with us.” If we do not bring thoughts of the past into the present - if we do not allow the thoughts of the past to impinge upon the present moment - then the present is free to unfold in a different way. For the future is programmed by our present thoughts. If we bring the past into the present, we thus doom the future to be just like it and we get to say “See, nothing ever changes!”

The Law of Cause and Effect means that for every thought, form is created on some level. The past is filled with so much pain, and sorrow, and loss. So much guilt, so much blame, and so much horror. Forgiving the past is not only the key to personal transformation, but to societal transformation as well.


Imagine what would happen in this country if one day we simply decided to forgive each other.

I have never seen America so angry. I don’t think it has ever been this angry, except of course during the years preceding and during the Civil War. On both Left and Right, the demonization of the other, the fingers pointed at each other, the lack of any effort to understand each other, is at an all time high.

We cannot heal this way as people and we cannot heal this way as a nation. Healing begins when we let the universe start over, unencumbered by the thoughts of lovelessness that stand in the way of love. Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love, and thoughts of lovelessness deflect them.

God knows we need a miracle. We need a ton of them. And for every thought of lovelessness that we release to God, the way is opened for miracles to rush right in.

Dear God,

I release to You the thoughts of blame

that dominate my mind,

both the way I blame others

and the way I blame myself.

Remove from my mind

the loveless that’s lodged there,

the perception of guilt in myself and others

that hides from me

the eternal innocence

that lives in every one of us.

I forgive myself.

I forgive my parents.

I forgive my political opponents.

I forgive those who have hurt me,

wanting only to return to You, which is Love.

For thus I shall know peace

and bring peace to all the world.