Nov 24 • 1M

Morning Meditation Day 437

May I not lose sight of love today

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Marianne Williamson
Meditations by Marianne Williamson
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Daniela Simona Temneanu

May I not lose sight of love today

We inhabit the world we choose to see; may I not lose sight of love today. Hearing about war, may I remember the possibilities for peace. Seeing someone suffer, may I remember how I can help. May hope and faith in possible tomorrows inform my view of today. In a world of fear, may I be a vessel of love. And fear will fall away.

There is a realm of love beyond the worldly veil; may I not be drawn into the illusions of fear that dominate the earth. My heart remains open to the suffering of the pain, yet still I embrace its joy. Thus shall I be a bringer of joy, by knowing it is always there.

May I not love sight of love today

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