Morning Meditation Day 32

My body's cells are suffused with light.


My body’s cells are suffused with light.

My body is a gift, enabling me to ground my spiritual journey within the illusion of time and space. It is neither my ultimate reality nor my true identity. I use the body as it was meant to be used – as a vessel through which to express my love.

I protect my body from the assaults of modernity – from thoughts of chaos to the contaminants of the physical environment. I do so by infusing my body with the light of the divine, seeing with my inner eye the spirit of God as it pours into my every cell.

Dear God,
I dedicate to You my body.
Pour into it Your spirit.
Protect it from the forces of fear
And use it for Your purposes.
Turn my body into a holy thing.
And so it is.


My body’s cells are suffused with light.

*MORNING MEDITATIONS are from the book A YEAR OF MIRACLES: Daily Devotions and Reflections, copyright Marianne Williamson, HarperOne publisher.