Oct 11, 2021 • 2M

Meditation Day 30

What I suffered through, I have learned from.

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Meditations by Marianne Williamson
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Dear Everyone,
We’re so sorry you didn’t get your Morning Meditation today. Here it is!
Team Marianne

What I suffered through, I have learned from.

According to ancient Asian philosophy, life is not a straight line but a spiral. Every life lesson that has ever been presented to me (which means everything I have ever been through) will come back again, in some form, until I learn it. And the stakes each time will be higher. Whatever I’ve learned will bear greater fruit. Whatever I’ve failed to learn will bear harsher consequences.

Whatever didn’t work in my life before this point was a reflection of my failure to integrate the different parts of myself. Where I didn’t yet accept myself, I attracted a lack of acceptance in others. Where I hadn’t yet dealt with my shadows, I manifest shadowy situations. Broken parts of me encountered broken parts of others. But now I know! That was then and this is now.

What I suffered through, I learned from. What I’ve atoned for, became a path to self-improvement. All that I have lived through has taught me what it means to live at all.

Dear God,

May I learn from what I’ve suffered through,

that my suffering might end.


What I suffered through, I have learned from.