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End of quarter rumination

You haven’t heard from me lately because I’ve been so busy on the campaign trail, but if you’re subscribed to you receive my daily emails.

It’s frustrating being on the trail where everywhere I talk I get a standing ovation, yet I lack the ability to adequately compensate for a media blackout that would have you believe I don’t even exist.

And why does the media do that?

It’s not really because they think I’m “unserious,” as they would have you believe. On some level, I think they do it because they know I am. But I’m serious about things that challenge their preferred worldview. I’m serious about our having the highest poverty rate of any advanced democracy; serious about the fact that the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck; and serious about one in four Americans living with medical debt. I’m serious about the fact that America is on the wrong track, and status quo politics is simply a path to making things worse.


Yet our current political system is institutionally resistant to a genuinely anti-corporatist message. Its minions have decided that economic values should take precedence over democratic and humanitarian ones. And we’re simply not supposed to question that. I’m saying things, quite simply, that we’re not supposed to say.

But I’m saying things on this campaign that I believe need to be said. And I’m staying in the race because of things that need to be done. If you agree with me, please help me in whatever way you can. Whether it’s one dollar or a thousand dollars, your contribution will make the difference whether this campaign can keep on keeping on.

I’m putting my blood, sweat and tears into this campaign - from waking up every morning to the insults and smears the likes of which I’ve never experienced, to putting every resource of body, mind and spirit that I can muster into the race. Emotionally and psychologically, presidential politics is like a blood sport. So much so that the easier path would be to simply give it up now.

Yet I don’t feel in my heart that I’m supposed to do that. A small still voice within me keeps saying, “Go on. Have faith. There are things as yet unseen.”

I hope with your support that you will say it too…


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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