We're looking to the major parties to generate answers, when in both cases their business model depends on generating the problems.
Morning Meditation Day 40Listen now (1 min) | I choose to awaken from the delusions of the world.
Morning Meditation Day 39Listen now (1 min) | Enlightenment is my goal today.
Morning Meditation Day 38Listen now (1 min) | May my mind be a touchstone for love today.
The dawn of a new week is a good time to set intentions for how we want to live our lives in the days ahead. There’s a line in A Course in Miracles tha…
Morning Meditation Day 37Listen now (1 min) | Today I rest within my spirit self.
My conversation with Sam Daley-Harris
Morning Meditation Day 36Listen now (1 min) | Whatever I give to others, I am giving to myself.
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